8 Cold Weather Beauty Problems … Solved!

As we gear up for what experts are predicting to be another brutal winter, it’s wise to make some changes to your beauty routine. The air starts becoming drier in the fall and before it’s even “cold,” I start to see and feel changes in my skin. When chapped lips, dehydrated looking skin, and rough, cracking hands start plaguing me, I know it’s time to swap out my lightweight summer products for thicker, richer formulas.

I struggle with combination skin that is oily in the summer and extremely dry in the winter. Everything from head to toe seems to itch, crack, or get brittle. I’ve experimented with a lot of products guided by my own research as a cosmetologist and beauty blogger and the expert advice of dermatologists and aestheticians. Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of tips and found some great solutions to the most common winter beauty woes. For each cold weather dry skin and hair dilemma, I offer a tried and true course of action. I have tried every suggestion below and have only included the information and recommendations that have worked for me.

First, a few general pointers:

  • Get a humidifier (or two) up and running in your home as soon as you start turning on the heat. If you only have one, put it in the bedroom.
  • Cut down on hot showers. I know. It’s hard, especially when it’s cold outside. But turn the heat down and make ‘em quick.
  • Drink more water. And then drink some more.

Click through the slideshow for more specific advice on how to combat 8 common dry winter skin and hair issues and the products I personally use to treat each.

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