8 Easy Vacation Hair Styles in Under 5 Minutes!

My husband and I are finishing up a beautiful vacay in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and I realized that whenever we travel somewhere tropical I tend to keep my hair and makeup really simple and fresh. That usually means I even skip the blowdryer! Crazy, I know, but who wants to waste precious beach or cocktail hour time blowdrying their hair? You would be surprised how many fun, easy and quick styles you can create with damp hair in under 5 minutes!

Click through my slideshow below to see 8 Easy Vacation Hair Styles!

  • Easy Vaca Hair Styles 1 of 9

    Don't waste your precious vacay time styling your hair. Click through my slideshow for 8 Easy Vacation Hair Styles! No blowdryer necessary!!! 

  • Half-Up Twisted Back 2 of 9

    You can't go wrong with a little half up action! Just take about an inch of hair from just above each ear and twist back into a small clip. Presto! 

  • Low Bun with a Braid 3 of 9

    Start by sectioning off a large chunk of hair on the top of your head and clip it to the side. Take the rest of your hair into a low pony and twist into a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Now take the sectioned off hair and braid it down the side of your head. Finish by pinning it into the low bun. 

  • Messy Ponytail and Braid 4 of 9

    Start by sectioning off a large chunk of hair on the top of your head and clip it to the side. Pull the rest of your hair to the middle of your head into a messy ponytail. Now take the sectioned off hair and braid it to the side, back towards your ponytail. 

  • Topsy Tail 5 of 9

    One of the easiest styles in the bunch. Pull your hair into a low ponytail then use your fingers to separate the hair in half, just above your hair-tie. Now take your pony tail and pull it up, over and through the open hole above your hair-tie. Once your ponytail is through, pull the hair real tight to secure the style. 

  • Braided Bangs 6 of 9

    Start by making an uneven part at the crown of your head. Then start the making of a tiny french braid to just above the ear. Finish the braid and pin the ends in back under your hair. 

  • Classic French Braid 7 of 9

    You can never go wrong with a classic French braid. I will also often sleep in one so I can take it out for natural looking beach waves the next morning. 

  • Natural Waves 8 of 9

    For this look I let my hair air dry. Spritz in a little salt water spray or spray gel for crunchy separated waves. Pin in a tropical flower just above your ear for a little extra flare. 

  • Crown Braid 9 of 9

    I just recently started wearing this style and I LOVE it! See a great how-to tutorial on how to create this look from my fellow Babble beauty blogger Abby Smith of Twist Me Pretty!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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