8 Latina Beauty Experts to Follow on Instagram

I’ve been relying on my Instagram feed lately for inspiration. I follow a few of my friends, but the majority of my follows include designers, photographers, museums, and fashion and beauty bloggers/experts. Because I have dark hair and eyes with olive skin, I love to see makeup tutorials by women who have some of the same features I do. I rounded up several of my favorite Latina beauty experts who fill my feed with a dose of daily inspiration. Whether you want to see tutorials right on your phone or want to take a peek into their world of beauty, here are 8 Latina beauty experts to follow on Instagram.

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    Do you like glitter and shimmer? Are you into a more natural look? Are you a mom who would love a few makeup tricks from other moms? Here are a few Instagram accounts to follow!

  • Vegas Nay 2 of 9

    Vegas Nay (Naomi) is the go-to beauty account on Instagram for how-tos and product information. This full-time mom of 2 will tell you everything you need to know about makeup trends and will inspire you to add a bit of glitter to your life!


  • Dulce Candy 3 of 9

    With a name like Dulce Candy, what's not to love? You probably already follow her on Youtube, but you can also get daily updates on her latest looks and lots of fun behind-the-scene pictures. Sometimes her adorable son makes an appearance in the cutest of outfits!


  • Kika Rocha 4 of 9

    I've had the absolute privilege of working with fashion and beauty expert Kika Rocha. She's beautiful inside and out. Her Instagram may not give you tutorials and how-tos (you can check out her blog De Tacones Y Mas for all that good stuff ), but her pictures will certainly inspire you to grab your favorite lipstick, get out there and have fun! You can also follow the hashtag #tipsdekika.


  • Ms NancyZ 5 of 9

    Nancy Z's blog and Instagram are a great source of inspiration for eyes and lips. Her feeds are pretty much a portfolio of her work (with a few family pics thrown in) and they capture different makeup styles and ideas for all ages. 


  • Makeup by Camila 6 of 9

    Camila is just stunning, and her makeup and hair is flawless. If you want to use orange and blue eye makeup but don't know if it will work, Camila will show you how. She also has great style, which you can also see on her blog. Even if you can't read Portugese, the pictures will give you plenty of inspiration!


  • Nails by Regina 7 of 9

    Need some serious nail art inspiration? Nails By Regina will inspire you to step outside of the box and just go for it! 


  • Alba Mayo 8 of 9

    Alba Mayo has been pretty busy on Youtube showing us how to have the perfect curls and seasonal makeup. She's also on Instagram sharing her behind the scene pictures!


  • Sonia Castaneda 9 of 9

    What I love most about Youtuber Sonia Castaneda's Instagram is her authenticity. She's a mom who loves great makeup, beautiful clothes, and lots and lots of family time. Seeing both sides of her makes her seem like a really cool and down-to-earth person!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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