8 Multi-Purpose Beauty Products You Already Own

You hear the word “multi-purpose” and you instantly think, cleaning products. I know, me too. But we’re not talking cleaning house. We’re talking getting smart with beauty products we already own. So what if being in a bind (or eight) has taught me, beauty products can do more than just one trick!

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    Click through as I show you 8 of my favorite multi-purpose beauty products!

  • 1. Coconut Oil 2 of 9

    If coconut oil is not already in your stash, it should be. Not only can you cook with it, use it as moisturizer, and as an alternative to shaving cream, coconut oil can also be used as a deep conditioner.


    Starting at the scalp, apply a liberal amount of coconut oil to dry hair and massage all the way down to the ends. Leave on your hair for at least 30 minutes. If possible, cover with a shower cap and apply heat for a deeper conditioning treatment. Going outside in the sunshine, relaxing in a sauna, or even using your blowdryer will all do the trick. Then simply shampoo and style as normal!


    To Purchase: Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil; $7.49 (image source: drugstore.com)

  • 2. Lip/Cheek Stains 3 of 9

    Another multi-purpose beauty favorite is Benetint. Benefit Cosemetics gets all the creative credit for this one. It's the quickest way to get perfectly pink pinched cheeks and rosey red lips. And because it's a liquid stain, it lasts!


    To Purchase: Benefit Benetint; $30 (image source: hsn.com)

  • 3. Neutral Shadow 4 of 9

    Yes, eye shadow is typically used for eyes. But what about when your brows that need some extra TLC? Using a matte eye shadow in a neutral color, can be the quickest fix for bare brows. Simply dampen the brush, apply a small amount of shadow to the tip, and fill in any thinner areas of your brows.


    To Purchase: Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quad Shadow; $7.29 (image source: drugstore.com)

  • 4. Lip Balm 5 of 9

    Lip balm is fantastic for adding moisture to dry lips; but have you ever thought to use it on your cuticles? It's one of the easiest tricks for saying goodbye to hang nails and cracked cuticles!


    To Purchase: eos Smooth Lip Balm; $2.99 (image source: drugstore.com)


  • 5. Baby Powder 6 of 9

    It's no secret that baby powder does wonders for baby's bum. It's almost just as life-saving for my hair when I run out of my favorite dry shampoo! Another less known use, is for your bikini line. After shaving, but before putting on your bathing suit, apply baby powder to your bikini line to reduce bumps and irritation. 


    To Purchase: Burt's Bee's Dusting Powder; $6.39 (image source: drugstore.com)

  • 6. Baby Wash 7 of 9

    While we're on the topic of baby products, raise your hand if you've ever used baby wash as eye makeup remover? If it's tear-free for baby, it's tear-free during mascara removal.


    If your baby wash also happens to be a shampoo, try it for yourself when your hair seems to be in a rut. It'll add more volume and keep your hair guessing.


    Baby wash is also fabulous for washing your makeup brushes! It's gentle enough to preserve the life of the bristles; but effective enough to clean all the way through.


    To Purchase: Burt's Bee's Tear Free Shampoo & Wash; $6.99 (image source: drugstore.com)


  • 7. Vaseline 8 of 9

    Vaseline has been around for ages; and so have its uses! The last time I was at Nordstrom, I learned about a new one! One of the sales associates had the most beautiful long eyelashes. I asked her if she would share her secret. She told me, Vaseline! Simply apply a little bit to your lashes before bed! I'm definitely going to give it a grow! 


    Another trick for Vaseline is for sticky nail polish caps. Once you're finished using your polish, put a little Vaseline under the cap before screwing tightly. The next time you go to unscrew the cap, it won't be stuck!


    To Purchase: Vaseline; $3.29 (image source: drugstore.com)


  • 8. Lotion 9 of 9

    Lotion is great for dry skin; but it also tames frizzy hair! Apply a small amount of lotion (emphasis on small, or you'll have a greasy mess) to the palm of your hands. Run your fingers through your hair and finish with hairspray. This is especially useful during the humid summer or rainy weather. Keep a small bottle of lotion in your purse to use when you get caught in the rain. Apply a thin layer to frizz and it'll keep it more manageable! 


    To Purchase: Yes to Carrots Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion; $6.99 (image source: drugstore.com)


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