8 Pregnancy-Friendly Skincare Lines

As any mommy-to-be can attest, the moment you discover a little one is on its way, every decision takes on an entirely new meaning. Should you have that morning cup of coffee? Is it ok to still dye your grays? What about going organic?

Some decisions, such as taking prenatal vitamins and not drinking alcohol, are much easier than others! But on most decisions, there’s often conflicting information from your physician, your grandmother, and that woman in the produce section who was judging your selection of non-organic bananas.

Pregnancy-friendly skincare is likely not high on the priority list during a woman’s first trimester. However, there are some skin care ingredients that should be avoided during pregnancy, and you should make skincare routine adjustments for pregnancy.

As a beauty blogger and a pediatrician in my “real” life, I get a lot of questions from readers about what skincare to use during pregnancy. Note that my criteria are pretty conservative, but there are some ingredients that are still considered “safe” in the medical literature and that many people would prefer to avoid (I’m looking at you parabens here’s a study from the International Journal of Toxicology, 2008). I have not added parabens on my list of ingredients to avoid, but if you are in any doubt, just avoid them. Sleep is a precious commodity during pregnancy, and you shouldn’t be losing it over your choice of facial cleanser! When in doubt about any product or ingredient, it is always best to speak to your physician.

  • Pregnancy Friendly Skin Care 1 of 9

    I've pulled together a list of pregnancy friendly skincare lines using my criteria for pregnancy safe skincare. Unfortunately, not all lines created for maternity are safe. I've double checked the ingredients of the product lines in this list and would feel safe using them myself!

    Check here for a list of pregnancy safe skin care products from regular skincare lines.

  • Belli Skincare 2 of 9

    Belli is a physician-formulated line with collections for use while pregnant, nursing and even for baby. Every Belli product is allergy tested, and free of artificial dyes, phthalates and paraben preservatives. Their pregnancy acne products feature sulfur and tea tree oil to help fight blemishes, great options if your hormones have run amok.

    To Try: Acne Control Spot Treatment $15, Anti-Blemish Facial Wash $22, Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen SPF 25 $24

    Get Belli Skincare here

  • Mama Mio Skincare 3 of 9

    Mama Mio has created a group of products designed to help your body bounce back during pregnancy and after delivery. They have stretch mark creams, a bust and neck firmer, and even videos with fitness superstar Tracy Anderson! But it is their pregnancy facial products that should really be in the spotlight. They feature go-to anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and anti-oxidants, but they are totally pregnancy friendly.

    To Try: Clean Slate Cleanser $32, Mighty Moisture $48, Eye Know $39

    Get Mamma Mio here

  • Beaute de Maman 4 of 9

    This line was developed by an Obstetrician for use during pregnancy and features stretch mark creams and acne treatments.

    To Try: Stretch Mark Cream $24

    Get Beauté de Maman here

  • Pretty Mommies 5 of 9

    Pretty Mommies was started by a real mom who was frustrated with the lack of products on the market to treat her skin during pregnancy and nursing. The products are primarily targeted at those experiencing hormonal breakouts rather than dryness.

    To Try: Let's Be Clear $34, Truth Be Told $88, Protect & Reflect $36

    Get Pretty Mommies here

  • Novena Maternity 6 of 9

    These skincare products are vegan and mostly organic, relying on plant extracts for their active ingredients. They have a broad range of products, including ranges depending upon your skin type, which is very difficult to find in pregnancy friendly skin care!

    To Try: Pregnancy Kit for Oily-Acne Combo Skin Type $128 or Normal to Dry-Ultra Sensitive Skin Type $130

    Get Novena Maternity here

  • Burt’s Bees Mama Bee 7 of 9

    The makers of your favorite lip balm have created a collection of 3 products to address the needs of pregnancy, and they're as close as your nearest big box store! I used the Belly Butter throughout my pregnancy, and I still reach for it to help soothe my eczema flares.

    To Try: Mama Bee Belly Butter $13

    Get Burt's Bees here

  • Mustela 8 of 9

    The old standby brand has recently updated with a new line, Mustela 9 Months, which specifically targets pregnancy skin concerns, such as stretch marks and the very dry skin that some women develop during pregnancy.

    To Try: Instant ComFort Legs $20, Stretch Marks Double Action $41, Ultimate Hydration $23

    Get Mustela here

  • Juice Beauty 9 of 9

    This organic skin care powerhouse has put together a large collection of their products, everything that a pregnant woman would need to revamp her entire skin care routine! It even includes your choice of tinted moisturizer and powder. Note that the Blemish Clearing Mask does contain Willow Bark, which very conservative physicians would say to avoid.

    To Try: Juice Beauty Healthy Pregnancy Collection $216

    Get Juice Beauty here

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