8 Unexpected Changes Ive had to Make to My Beauty Routine Since Becoming Pregnant

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve been shocked at how many unexpected changes I’ve had to make to my beauty routine. I couldn’t wait to get that “pregnancy glow” everyone talks about, but the only thing I noticed were the random breakouts and dark circles under my eyes. So I needed to make a few changes pronto. Click through my slideshow and see what changes I’ve made to my beauty routine since becoming pregnant, from simplifying my routine to amping up the moisturizer.

The 8 Unexpected Changes To My Beauty Routine

  • Going Green 1 of 8

    Once I discovered I was pregnant, I immediately threw away any products with harsh chemicals and/or unnecessary ingredients. That meant good-bye retinol cream. Now everything I am putting onto my skin is healthy for both baby and me.

  • More Hydration 2 of 8

    I feel as though my entire body needs more hydration. I was focusing on keeping my belly hydrated with oil and lotion, but I'm also finding that I need it more head to toe. Drinking more water was obviously key to hydration, but I also found adding coconut water into the mix was really helpful. 

  • Simple Skincare 3 of 8
    One Love Products Main

    From day one, my skin changed. I'm blaming it on the hormones. Fortunately, I rarely get a pimple, but all of a sudden my skin became much more prone to breakouts. I also found my skin to be very dull and lackluster, so I needed a pick-me-up ASAP. Something I found that helped was changing all of my products to simple, all-natural skincare items. I am currently using One Love Organics Skin Care, and my skin is loving it. 

  • Less Makeup 4 of 8

    Since my skin has become more sensitive, I am finding myself going au naturale as often as possible. I figure the less makeup I can put on my skin right now, the better. 

  • Low Maintenance Hair 5 of 8

    Thank goodness I work from home, because the last thing I want to do right now is style my hair. This is coming from a girl that blew out and curled her hair every day. I have been washing my hair at night and sleeping in a bun or braids and then waking up to wavy, clean hair. My hair is benefitting from this low maintenance phase, and it's probably the healthiest it's been in a long while. 

  • Cutting Out Fragrance 6 of 8

    I love perfume, and since becoming pregnant I haven't been able to stand the smell of fragrances. The very thought of spritzing it onto my body just doesn't seem appealing to me. So for now, the scent of cocoa butter lotion (which I cover my entire body in) is my signature scent. 

  • Green Food Substitute 7 of 8

    For pretty much the entire first trimester, I couldn't eat anything "green." I was eating a 90% vegan diet until I got pregnant, and all of a sudden, the last thing I could stomach were vegetables. I was mortified, but my body just refused them. Due to the lack in vegetables, I noticed a change in my skin instantly. My dark circles were back with a vengeance and my skin appeared grey. I knew I needed to find a way to get those greens back into my body, and finally at about 10 weeks pregnant I could stomach green smoothies. My body felt better, and I started to notice a change in my skin right away. 

  • Facials 8 of 8

    I have always loved a good facial, and since becoming pregnant, they have become a real treat. I told my husband not to bother with any other gifts during my pregnancy — just get me a facial! They rejuvenate the skin and relax the entire body. Just make sure to let your esthetician know you are preggers. I get an organic facial with an enzyme mask at my favorite spa, the Alchemie Spa. I walk out of there with skin that glows for days. 

    *Picture from the Alchemie Spa

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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