10 Lip Scrubs For A Perfect Pout

Everyone wants a pretty pout! Nothing is worse than putting on your favorite lipstick and having it look like Halloween just happened all over again with creepy flakes, ridges, and valleys. Trust me, I’ve been there and it is a total downer. As party season is quickly approaching, it’s crucial we prepare our lips by exfoliating them 1-2 times a week (at least) so we can confidently wear bold lip colors!

Exfoliating and moisturizing will not only make your pucker more irresistible, but it will also help your lipstick apply easier, look smoother, and last longer.

Follow along as I share some of the most effective and moisturizing lip scrubs on the market!

  • Operation Perfect Pout 1 of 12

    What do you like to use to exfoliate your precious pout? 

  • Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub 2 of 12

    Yum yum yum, sweet bubblegum! Bubblegum lip scrub softens AND satisfies your sweet tooth all in one. You heard me right you can have soft lips and eat it too! Sounds like a match made in heaven. Use a pea size amount to exfoliate lips when the job is done, lick off the rest for a quick sweet treat. 


    To Purchase: Lush Bubble Gum Scrub; $10

  • e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator 3 of 12

    Looks can be deceiving with this bad boy. Although it looks like some kind of speckled, earthy lip color it's really an exfoliator conveniently in the form of a lipstick bullet. Totally genius! Massage in circular motions on clean, damp lips to gently remove dry skin and clean remainder off with a damp cloth.


    Tip: Can also be used on nail beds to nourish cuticles or on hands to smooth away dead skin cells


    To Purchase: E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator; $3

  • Fabulips 4 of 12

    Fabulips Sugar Scrub is a double duty scrub removing dry skin and conditioning for a fabulously smooth lip. Finely granulated sweet sugar, almond and walnut shell work together to gently exfoliate dry lips, while moisturizing and nourishing with jojoba seed, olive oils, vitamin A, C, and E, as well as shea and cocoa butters. Oh and p.s., it smells and tastes like an orange/vanilla dream!   


    To Purchase: BLISS Fabulips Sugar Scrub; $18

  • Philosophy Kiss Me 5 of 12

    What's better than a smooth baby's bum? Smooth, baby-soft lips! This exfoliating lip cream was created to remove dead, dry, flaky skin resulting in irresistibly smooth and kissable lips. As a total plus the light peppermint flavor will refresh your breath so your pucker is on point!


    Tip: This little beauty can also be used as a facial by gently massaging into skin in circular motions and removing with a damp, warm cloth.


    To Purchase: Philosophy ‘Kiss Me' Exfoliating Lip Cream; $16 


  • Sugar Lip Polish 6 of 12

    Fresh Sugar just gets lips, that's all there is to it! They've created this delectable treatment using real brown sugar crystals to gently remove dry flakes while using oils from grapeseed, meadowfoam seed, and jojoba seed to add nourishment back into the lips. Feel free to skip the after-scrub chap stick, FRESH has got you covered including shea butter in their formula for long-lasting moisture and lipstick ready lips. 


    To Purchase: FRESH Sugar Lip Polish; $22  

  • Mally Gentle Lip Scrub 7 of 12

    As opposed to many sugar based lip exfoliators this scrub uses gentle, yet efficient exfoliating beads to buff away dry skin. Finish off with a moisturizing balm and your lips are prepped for success!


     To Purchase: MALLY BEAUTY Perfect Prep Lip Scrub; $15

  • Lip Strip 8 of 12

    This edible lip scrub will give your precious pout a total spa-like experience combining organic Brazilian sugar cane, spearmint, and peppermint oil for a cooling and effective experience. 


    To Purchase: Laura Geller Beauty Lip Strip Cooling Sugar Scrub; $23  

  • Lip Scuff 9 of 12

    Getting a perfect pout can take a little elbow grease thankfully Lip Scuff takes a little of the work out of it! All you need to do is apply like a lipstick, rub lips together a few times, bask in the sweet peppermint aroma, and wipe off with a tissue; it's as easy as that for a pretty pout!  


    To Purchase: The Body Shop Lip Scuff; $12

  • The Lip Scrub 10 of 12

    What's better than dessert?! Treat yourself with this absolutely decadent crème brûlée lip scrub. The aroma alone … warm, burnt vanilla, milky caramel, and sugar had me at hello! Indulge in this delicious scrub for velvety smooth lips you know you want to. 


    To Purchase: Sara Happ The Lip Scrub; $24  

  • DIY Coconut Honey Sugar Lips 11 of 12

    All you'll need is:

    • 1 tsp of coconut oil,
    • 1 tsp of raw honey,
    • 1.5 2 TB of raw/granulated sugar mixed
    • dash of lemon juice.


    Mix these ingredients together to make a sugary paste. Use a soft bristle toothbrush or finger to dippy-dip into the scrub. Use soft circular motions across your lips. Rinse with water and apply your favorite lip balm afterwards for soft and silky lips. 

  • New Item 12 12 of 12

    Now try and tell me exfoliated lips aren't beggin' to be kissed!

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