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Every generation often re-embraces throwbacks from generations past, and the 1990s are no exception. We’ve seen a return of all things grunge and punk, as well as all the retro styles from the ’60s and ’70s that influenced the ’90s comeback to fashion’s forefront, and ’90s hair styles are back for more, too. While some of us may be a bit too old to pull off these looks now because we probably wore them the first time around, it’s fun to play with new styles and stay fresh and modern even as we age.

Flip through for 21 modern hair styles inspired by the ’90s, including cuts, colors, updos, and accessories. Fun for inspiration, Halloween, and a little déjÝ  vu for those of us who experienced it firsthand.

  • ’90s Hair 1 of 22

    Flip through 21 modern hair styles inspired by the '90s, including cuts, colors, updos, and accessories.

  • Blunt 2 of 22

    Love this sexy, bouncy pageboy bob with bangs.

    Shop | Nivana slashed punk vest, $21.75

  • Scrunchie Bun! 3 of 22

    I mean, I can't tell you how often I wore my hair like this in the '90s, and somehow it's super cute again!

    Shop | '90s Style Gingham Hair Scrunchie, $6

  • Knotted Up! 4 of 22

    I love these bantu knots, and while I only really wear them now to create my big SJP waves, this was a huge trend in the '90s, and it's back for more.

    Shop | Vintage Summer Top, $26.99


    Hair Tutorial: Bantu Knots for Big Curls

  • Top Pony! 5 of 22

    A big exploding ponytail right on the top of your head accompanied by a big scrunchie is '90s hair heaven.

    Seen in: Hot Right Now: Easy '90s Updos

  • Topped to the Side 6 of 22

    I wore a similar top pony sans the scrunchie in this nod to the '90s outfit post last year.

    High Side Ponytail from my Jeans and White T Outfit Series

  • Do it Yourself Hair 7 of 22

    Nothing reads the '90s like an "I don't care" attitude, and this DIY chopped blonde bob with pink bangs is the best route there.

    Shop | Nirvana T-shirt, $37.50

  • Large Alien Buns 8 of 22

    Like bantu knots but larger, these large alien buns are cute and versatile (kind of).

    Seen in Hot Right Now: Easy '90s Updos

  • Grown Out Pixie 9 of 22

    All hail the grown out, shaggy, messy pixie.

    Shop | Vintage Plaid Flannel Shirt

  • ’90s Glamazons 10 of 22

    My favorite of all the '90s throwback hairstyles are the big shoulder dusting tresses with side parts as seen in my '90s Hair Inspiration, Big Shoulder Dusting Tresses, all of which I'm still planning on creating come fall.

  • Poetic Justice Braids 11 of 22

    I can't help but refer to these amazing long braids as "Janet Jackson hair," because it was her iconic '90s statement in the movie Poetic Justice that made them ... and they are just as fabulous now as they were then.

    Modern version seen on Tiff H

  • Half Buns 12 of 22

    More little buns, but this time only partial alien and so cute!

    Shop | She T, $22

  • Shaggy Layers 13 of 22

    Remember the Rachel? Who doesn't. Well, this loose layered, shaggy cut with split bangs is a gorgeously modern version of that oh-so-'90s iconic hair style.

    Shop | Vintage '80s Polka Dot T-shirt, $21

  • Retro Looks 14 of 22

    I love these pretty and poufy retro looks pulled from the '60s but messed up for a '90s feel.

    Shop | Vintage Biker Jacket, $210

  • Blunt and Long 15 of 22

    Most updos in the '90s framed the face by either blunt bangs and/or long strands of hair kept out on the sides.

    Shop | Bomber Jacket with Flowers, $57

  • Messy and Up 16 of 22

    Messy in the front but piled up into a hat worn back reminds me of no other than Debbie Gibson, but the messy front has '90s written all over it.

    Shop | Vintage '90s Tartan Crop Top, $57

  • More Scrunchies! 17 of 22

    Long and loose low side braids, accompanied by a side part (or middle if wearing two) and a messy front, capped with a big scrunchie.

    Shop | Large black satin scrunchie, $5.25

  • Beanies! 18 of 22

    Knit caps and beanies worn back a bit to reveal a shoulder length layered cut or even a long and messy blunt cut were huge then, and they are back now.

    Shop | Black and Ivory Stripe Blouse, $61.50

  • Antennas 19 of 22

    Like the big alien buns, these skinny antenna alien buns are trending hard (as seen recently on Miley Cyrus at the VMA's).

    Shop | 90s Tartan Plaid Jacket, $45

  • Natural Curls 20 of 22

    Lovely natural curls, cut short and piled high and to the side, as seen at Peekavoo Vintage.

  • Pulled to the Side 21 of 22

    Big, messy hair with a side part, and worn all to one side is easy and so reminiscent of the decade.

    Shop | Ella Grey Maxi Tee Dress, $57

  • Dirty Hair 22 of 22

    And last but certainly not least, nothing reads '90s like dirty hair, and this is a great example of a modern look with a tiny little braid across the front.

    Shop | Crocheted Dress, $31.50

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