A Guide to Beauty After Baby

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Before having kids, your makeup routine was extensive and luxurious, involving lots of little pots of pretty colors and brushes that you actually took the time to wash. With a new baby, though, most of that has gone by the wayside (along with your sleep and waistline).

However, everyone except your too-smart-to-agree husband knows that you currently need a beauty regimen more than ever. Here are seven post-baby beauty habits and routines that can get you out the door looking and feeling like less of a zombie. And by out the door, I mean, into the living room.

1. Multi-tasking is your friend.

Anything that can be done while you do something else is a win. If you want to blow dry or dye your hair, do it while you have the Crock Pot cooking and while you catch up on reality TV. If you want to do your nails, do it while you talk to your friend on the phone. If you want to tweeze your eyebrows, do it while you and your husband cuddle. What? You have limited time here.

2. Use only products with one step.

That includes one-coat nail polish, foundation with sunscreen in it, and single-process hair color. Throw out the mascara that needs primer and the do-it-yourself frizz treatment with 15 steps. And now isn’t the time to create some fancy contouring look with bronzer and highlighting powder. Your face is contoured enough by your under eye circles anyway.

3. Use fewer products overall.

Use clear nail polish instead of base, color, and topcoat. And one moisturizer, one lip gloss, and one eye shadow palette. Now’s also a good time to get on the co-washing (aka conditioner washing) bandwagon, because that means you don’t even need shampoo! Tell your husband that you’re finally learning how to be frugal. But there are still some essentials…

4. Moisturize.

As a new mom, your hands get dry and chapped from constantly washing bottles, pump parts, the baby, and your hands themselves after diaper changes. Invest in high-quality hand lotion ASAP before your hands start looking like Scarlett O’Hara’s when she started doing her own field work.

5. Do everything you can do yourself.

If you want to be home with baby, use nap time to give yourself a pedicure, trim split ends if your hair is long enough to put over your shoulders (your husband can be enlisted too … or your mom), dye your roots, or deep-condition your hair. By the time you get a sitter, a simple haircut turns into a three hour ordeal that leaves you anxious to get home. However, if you need a break…

6. Don’t do anything yourself.

If you find yourself trapped at home for multiple days without a break, it may just be time to schedule a haircut, by which I mean a haircut, mani-pedi, massage, and waxing. Sorry, husband! I thought it would just take an hour.

7. Use products that get a reaction from your baby.

Facial masks can either make baby smile or make him cry. Your favorite perfume may end up being the scent that your baby associates with comfort and love, or make her wrinkle her nose in disgust. Oh well, parenting is a crapshoot anyway. Live dangerously.

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