A Tablet Toothpaste?

It’s tablet toothpaste without the tube! At first glance, it seems like something reserved for astronauts traveling to space. But don’t be mistaken — these little guys work wonders on anyone’s pearly whites. Follow along as I break down (or should I say bite down?) this revolutionary toothpaste bit by bit.

  • What are Toothy Tabs? 1 of 5

    I recently discovered Toothy Tabs during my most recent trip to LUSH, an innovative cosmetics company! Yes, they've turned toothpaste into a solid tablet that dissolves and foams when wet. Not only do these Toothy Tabs make brushing teeth super fun, they also clean teeth like nobody's business. All Toothy Tabs are vegan, preservative-free, and contain natural oils to eliminate bad breath caused by plaque and bacteria. 

  • The Flavors 2 of 5

    Just because it's used to clean teeth doesn't mean it has to taste like mint. Toothy Tabs come in 7 unconventional flavors! I'll admit, I haven't tried them all, but so far "Sparkle" is my favorite. Then again, I do tend to like anything that involves sparkles.

  • How-To Use 3 of 5

    Long gone are the days when you squeeze too much toothpaste on your brush. One tablet is the proper portion for a single brushing.  

    1. Start by placing the tablet at the front of your mouth.
    2. Lightly crush the tablet between your teeth.
    3. Wet your toothbrush with water.
    4. With a swirling motion, start massaging the tablet into your teeth with your toothbrush. The crushed pieces will begin to dissolve and foam with the water and your saliva. Using an electric toothbrush will help expedite the process.
    5. Brush for two minutes.
    6. Rinse.
    7. Go, "Aww!"
  • The Pros and Cons 4 of 5


    • Portion control
    • Recyclable packaging — traditional tubes fill landfills
    • Ideal for traveling
    • Contains safe and natural ingredients
    • Fluoride-free (a pro for those who believe fluoride is harmful)


    • $4.95 is more costly than traditional toothpastes
    • Slightly messier to use
    • Takes some getting used to (especially the process)
    • Fluoride-free (a con for those who believe it's good for oral health)
  • Clean Teeth Rock 5 of 5

    Toothy Tabs may or may not be right for everyone, depending on your oral health. If there's any question, you should ask your dentist if this product is right for you or your family members.


    For me personally, I absolutely LOVE Toothy Tabs and can't see myself brushing without them! My teeth have never felt so clean, and that's reason enough for me to say, "Rock on to smiles that shine!"

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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