After the Chop: Things No One Warns You About Adjusting to a Dramatic Hair Cut

About a month ago, I did something that completely shocked my husband. I was out of town for a blogging conference and sent him a text picture with my hair about 8 inches shorter than when he had last seen me, via Skype the night before. I sweated it out for about 20 minutes, waiting for a response. Did he hate it? Would he view me very differently? Why wasn’t he writing back immediately?

I had woken up early that day for a 7:30 am blowout with a celebrity hair stylist and his team. Instead of the long and volumized hair that I expected, I walked out about 90 minutes later with a long sleek bob that was shorter than my hair had ever been in my life (you can read more about the chopping of my hair here). I had let myself be talked into a dramatic hair cut by a stylist I had never met. I’m a girl that debates for 3 months before adding extra highlights, and here I was chopping off a lot of length on a whim. Was this a big mistake?

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    After a dramatic hair cut

    "Looks good. Kinda short!" was the response my husband finally sent about 20 minutes later (in his defense, he was driving our toddler to the mall when I sent the picture). I'm a long hair girl. My entire life, my hair has been well past my shoulders. Such a sudden change definitely was a surprise to him ... and to me.


    While I got a great response from my beauty blogging friends at the conference, I wasn't sure how I felt about the cut for at least 2 weeks. I caught glimpses of myself in windows and mirrors, wondering when it would feel like me. I discovered that there are a lot of adjustments to make when you cut your hair so dramatically. Why doesn't anyone tell you these things?

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    The most difficult thing to get used to after a cut is washing your hair. It's amazing how long it takes to get used to the feeling of your hair. Nearly a month later, I still expect to be rinsing a lot more hair than I currently have. It is an unsettling feeling.

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    In my long hair days, if I was running late or just feeling lazy, I didn't have to worry about my hair. I could throw my hair up into a cute ponytail or a big, messy bun in just a few minutes and call it done. With shorter hair, I no longer have the option of either. I need to do something, often involving a heated electrical hair tool, every morning to make my hair look decent in public. During my cut, I requested enough length to be able to pull back my hair in a ponytail still. That ponytail isn't cute, though it does function!

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    A big change in your hair seems to be very open for public commentary, some of which is great ("I love your hair!"), but not everything is welcome. I've been questioned on my decision making process ("What were you thinking when you did that?") to my identity as a woman ("Don't you feel too masculine with shorter hair?"). I can only imagine the comments women with much shorter hair cuts get!

  • When Styling My Hair I Need More Product 5 of 7

    I could previously add a little serum or oil to my dry hair and let it air dry, no fuss. With my shorter hair, I need the serum, I need a root volumizer (I'm loving Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam, $15.99), and once my hair is dry, I need to add a little more serum or some hair oil to smooth things a bit more. Those products aren't cheap! And I haven't even mentioned daily velcro curler use.

  • The Upkeep is More Frequent 6 of 7

    It has only been a month since my sudden cut, but I'm already in need of a trim! My hair has grown about an inch and a half, which is just too much for this style. I had a lot more wiggle room in scheduling cuts with my long hair; I could easily go about 8 to 10 weeks without a cut.

  • Finally Figuring It Out 7 of 7

    Roughly one month after chopping my hair off, I'm finally settling into my new style. I am no longer shocked by my reflection in mirrors as I walk by, I can wash my hair without being surprised, and this style feels like "me" finally. I've even figured out how to curl my hair. Attempts at waves were mostly unsuccessful until I discovered that flat iron waves were much easier with this hair length (as seen here). I'm working on a tutorial now!

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