Baby Diaper Facial???

Okay. The title can be a little misleading. You’re not performing a facial with a baby diaper, per se. The “Baby Diaper Facial,” or incorporating a baby diaper into your DIY facial, is a little different. We’re not talking about Huggies or Pampers, but 100% all-natural cotton cloth diapers by brands such as BumGenuisEconobum, or Bummis.

But I can just imagine the exact place your mind wandered to… Believe me, I know it can get confusing with all the bizarre beauty rituals out there, such as bird poop facials. (Our Babble contributors have a list of 12 Bizarre Beauty Treatments Explained.) I’m fully aware of the weird things people are putting on their faces in their quest for timeless beauty. And it doesn’t stop at the face — it’s really the whole body. Some women are using Monistat 7 to help their hair grow.

Oftentimes, we are very careful of what we put on our faces when it comes to products and their ingredients. That’s great, but we might be missing the buck when it comes to what we choose to wipe or dry our faces with. Yes, a clean washcloth is ideal, but according to Control Corrective Skincare founder and president Ellen Clark, we should seriously reconsider how we’re wiping our faces.

According to Huffington Post, Clark recommends we use baby diapers as washcloths. “You’ll want to search for 100 percent all-natural cotton,” she explained. “They’re made for sensitive area, so it’s already using a high-quality cotton. When you wash it, it will soften in a way that I haven’t found yet with a regular towel.”

As a cloth-diapering mother, I can certainly understand the logic behind this. It’s true that the diapers are very soft. The material is made to whisk moisture away from the skin without over-drying. Over time, some cloth diapers become more absorbent with each wash, unlike other cloth materials. They also keep anything from irritating the skin. And this is slightly unrelated to the facial aspect, but my son has never had diaper rashes with our diapering system. I believe that says a lot about their general effectiveness. While I definitely will NOT be using my son’s diapers as a face cloth. I will consider buying a few from Cottonbabies.com specifically for my facials.

Photo Credits: BumGenius

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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