Back to School Hair Styles for Moms: Quick and Fabulous

Beauty_Babble_BacktoSchoolHairMoms -Danielle SmithI don’t know what your house looks like first thing in the morning as the chaos of back-to-school season sets in, but mine isn’t peaceful. I would love to tell you that there is a Snow White-ish atmosphere, where the birds chirp me awake and the bunnies hop to making my bed and preparing breakfast. I would also love to tell you that the same happens down the hall for each of my small people, but more often that not, you’ll hear me yelling from the bottom of the stairs, “Small people? Are you almost ready?”

Sometimes they respond and sometimes they don’t. What I know more than anything is that I have to keep things moving — breakfast, lunch, backpacks, the last minute things they naturally forgot to hand me the night before — and somehow, yes … somehow, I still must manage to pull myself together.

I have a habit, as I know many moms do, of putting myself very last on the priority list, and yet, I’d prefer not to head out the door in my pajamas and a baseball cap — at least not every day. So, I’ve done a bit of the legwork for you … at least on the hairstyle front (I can’t come to your house and get you dressed; you will still have to do that part yourself).

But I have collected a few hairstyles you can do in just two minutes or less on your way out the door … and these always make me feel as though I look like I put in a little effort, even though I spent most of the morning correcting homework that should have been done the night before.

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Naturally, you can also thrown on a favorite hat (I’ve been known to do that as well), but I hope that these give you a few good options. I’d love to know what your go-to styles are for heading out the door.

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