Beautiful Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I seriously get giddy when October finally hits. I am starting a Halloween makeup tutorial series inspired by the Walmart Family Makeup Kit. The tutorials will be for beginners, and you won’t need to spend an arm and a leg on expensive halloween makeup! So exciting! If you have any suggestions, I’d love for you to leave a comment!

Here is what I like to call the Beautiful Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial. Now go pin this baby so you can find it when Halloween rolls around!

  • The Beautiful Witch 1 of 16
  • The Finished Look 2 of 16
  • Family Value Makeup Kit from Walmart 3 of 16

    I just love Walmart. I picked this bad boy up for less than $7. I will be using it for many of my tutorials coming up in the next few weeks, so get familiar with it! If you see it at Walmart, know that it's a great buy and that the makeup actually works! You can buy a similar kit here. I couldn't find this exact one online ... sorry online shoppers!

  • Mixing Colors 4 of 16

    With the end of the paintbrush, I mixed green, blue, yellow, and white together until I got the color I wanted. I was going for a pretty, bright light green.

  • Step 1 5 of 16

    The makeup is very easy to apply. If you want this to stay on all day, I would recommend buying some powder or a nice cream. For trick or treating with the kids for a couple of hours, though, this was perfect for me. It glides on smoothly, and if you mess up, it's very forgiving. Apply it to the lids and temples, making sure to cover your eyebrow.

  • Step 2 6 of 16

    Now match up the second eye!

  • Step 3 7 of 16

    This cream blends so well. Just take your fingers and blend to your liking. Go ahead and highlight with white or use the dark green to contour the lid.

  • Step 4 8 of 16

    Next, take your black and outline the upper corner of your eye.

  • Step 5 9 of 16

    Using the black pencil, line the bottom lash line.

  • Step 6 10 of 16

    Next, you're going to draw in the heavy brows. You can copy my shape or go for a completely different one, it's all up to you. And if you mess up, just get some makeup remover and start over. It comes off very easily.

  • Step 7 11 of 16

    Next apply some falsies. I got these for a buck at Walmart as well.

  • Almost there! 12 of 16

    Woot!! Almost done!

  • Step 9 13 of 16

    Next, open that little bottle of glitter and apply to the lids.

  • Step 10 14 of 16

    Take the black crayon and line and fill in the lips.

  • Step 11 15 of 16

    Now clean your brush — it should still have some black on it — and dip it back into the green paint. You want to fill the center of your bottom lip.

  • And Voila! 16 of 16

    Add a little witch wart, and you are good to go!! I found the mini witch hat at Walmart as well, or you can purchase one here.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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