10 Pieces of Beauty Advice You Shouldn’t Listen to


I’ve always been a beauty junkie. Since junior high I’ve been reading every magazine I could get my hands on, and flipping directly to the beauty section first. While magazines are usually a great source of information, there’s a lot of information out there that isn’t helpful. From the delayed timing of moisturizer application that made my skin dry and flared my eczema to the redness caused by overusing a strong anti-aging product, I can assure you that I’ve made all of these beauty mistakes! Have you taken some of this beauty advice when you shouldn’t have?


1. You Need To Pop That Pimple

We all had an older friend or relative that told us to do this. Their reasoning was often that the pimple heals faster, popping keeps it from getting bigger or just the pimples looks better after having the pus removed.

The truth is that when you pop that pimple, yes the pus does come out. But it can also spread under the surface of your skin. You’ll also increase inflammation in the area and can spread the bacteria around, causing more pimples. If you really can’t resist the urge to pop it, here’s information on how to correctly pop a pimple.


2. Wait For Moisturizer

I blame this one on Cindy Crawford, though it also recently popped up on Refinery 29. Back in the 1990’s Cindy recommended waiting 30 minutes after showering to see if you really needed to apply a moisturizer. I remember reading this tip in high school, and I had friends that followed her advice. Then they wondered why their skin was dry.

Most dermatologists recommend applying moisturizer within three minutes of drying off after a shower. Why? While in the shower the outer layers of your skin have absorbed water from the shower, much more than they usually have. But, that extra water is about to start evaporating, and it will take more moisture with it. In the end, your skin will end up drier than before your shower unless you prevent the evaporation with a moisturizer.


3. You Only Need Sunscreen At The Beach

It turns out, applying your sunscreen every day is much better than just on those days you spend at the beach. Those that use sunscreen every day, even when using a lower SPF, have less sun damage, less sun burn and less skin inflammation than those that use a high SPF sunscreen but only on high exposure days. Which translates over to lower cancer risk and slower aging.


4. Preparation H Erases Under Eye Bags

An old beauty pageant trick, Preparation H shrinks under eye bags. It does have a potent vasoconstrictor that can shrink down blood vessels under your eyes, helping to make bags appear smaller. Unfortunately, too much can have a rebound, and opposite effect. In addition, the product just isn’t formulated for the under eye area and can result in clogged pores. Instead, look for ingredients like caffeine in a good eye cream to temporarily help you look more awake.


5. Pinch Your Cheeks For A Natural Flush

It feels so Jane Austen, quickly pinching your cheeks before entering the ballroom. Yes, a quick pinch will give you a very pretty flush, but pinching too hard or too often can break blood vessels in your skin. That’s a look no one wants! Stick to a dab of blush on the apples of your cheeks instead.


6. Skin Care Should Tingle When You Apply It

Have you heard this one? I think it may be related to Jane Fonda’s “Feel The Burn.” Unfortunately, that burn should be left for your workout.

Skin care that burns isn’t the sign that it is working, instead it is the sign that your skin is irritated by the product and you are causing inflammation. That inflammation is aging your skin! You’ve just undone all the benefits you may have gotten from the skin care.


7. Use Polish Remover To Thin Out Thick Nail Polish

While it is tempting to just grab your bottle of acetone or nail polish remover to fix a clumpy bottle of nail polish, you really should invest a few dollars in a bottle of nail polish thinner instead. The chemicals in polish thinner are better for dissolving the nail polish and then slowly drying, which allows your polish to set up properly. Nail polish thinned with a remover or acetone will dry too quickly and not set up properly. The result is nail polish that is uneven and doesn’t wear well.


8. Tricks To Dry Your Manicure Faster

Have you ever been told to spray your nails with cooking spray or submerge your fresh manicure in ice water, all in the nail of a speedier drying time? Reach for a fast dry top coat or drops instead. What you really need is a different mix of chemicals in your polish, solvents that evaporate a bit faster while allowing your nail polish to set up properly. A layer of cooking spray or being in ice cold water will prevent this from happening.


9. Toothpaste Is The Best Spot Treatment

We’ve all grabbed our toothpaste when we ran out of acne spot lotion. While toothpaste will dry out a blemish, there are other ingredients in the toothpaste that aren’t really meant for your skin. You’ll get redness and irritation from the toothpaste, which makes your pimple even more obvious. It’s worth a quick run to the drugstore if you need to spot treat!


10. You Should Use A Clarisonic Everyday

It seems like the Clarisonic hype is absolutely everywhere. The truth is that yes, this is a great tool for your skin. It helps you to completely clean off your makeup, gently exfoliates and it really can help your skin look better. However, there are a lot of people that can’t handle using a Clarisonic every day, even with the sensitive brush head. Exfoliation isn’t one of those more is better things. If your skin is over exfoliated you’ll see redness, irritation and even flaking.

Instead of reaching for your Clarisonic every time you wash your face, you should be paying attention to your skin. Does it seem a bit red and irritated? It is probably a good idea to skip using your Clarisonic that day.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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