Why and How to Clean Your Beauty Blender

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We all know I’m in love with the beauty blender. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this article here. The beauty blender is an egg-shaped sponge that perfectly blends your liquid foundation. It’s fabulous.

So the cleanser — is it worth the splurge?  I’m super cheap and refuse to buy anything I can make myself or can find cheaper in a knock off brand. I started cleaning my blender with baby soap. It’s cheap, gentle, and a fairly common brush cleanser … according to Google anyway, ha! Here’s my story and why I recommend just splurging on the right stuff.

1. Clean Your Blenders!

Most makeup sponges are disposable and never need to be cleaned. The issue with our blenders is that they’re reusable, so we often forget they need a good cleaning. It is SO important to clean your blenders and brushes on a weekly basis, because they can gather dirt, bacteria, and facial oils in addition to your makeup. Spreading this on your skin is never pretty.


2. Told You … Not Pretty

I cleaned my blender with baby soap every couple of days. Because lets be honest, I’m too cheap to splurge on the real stuff unless it’s absolutely necessary. After a week or so, I noticed my skin just breaking out all over the place! I hadn’t changed anything else in my routine, so I knew it had to be the baby soap. I finally gave in and splurged on the blender cleanser. I immediately felt a difference in the blender itself, and after a couple weeks I noticed my skin healing. Thank goodness, because those zits were KILLING me!

I never tried any DIY cleansers, but as someone with sensitive skin, I’m not taking my chances.


3. How To Use It

There’s a solid and a liquid. I prefer the solid.


4. Wet and Dip

You’re going to wet your blender and dip it into your blender cleanser. Make sure it’s nice and coated.


5. Lather

Next you’re going to lather the cleanser all over your blender or brush.

6. Rinse and Repeat

Next you’re going to rinse your blender. You will see pink and browns swirl down the drain. You should also feel a difference in the texture of your blender. It will just feel clean; I swear you’ll be able to feel it! Repeat those steps if your blender still needs a little love. And what’s fabulous about this cleanser is you can use it on all of your brushes. It really is a great investment, because it’s going to last you forever and you will feel confident that it’s gentle on your skin. Avoid those breakouts!

Not only will the blender cleanser help you avoid breakouts, but it’s also going to extend the life of your blender. Make the investment and buy the right product; it’s going to ultimately save you a ton of grief.

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser available from Amazon for $15

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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