Beauty Essentials To Keep Your Evening Routine Quick And Easy

Ahhh, the art of looking natural. In my 20s, I was all low-maintenance all the time. But living with a toddler sort of takes going out without makeup off the table, so I’ve had to come up with other ways to keep my prep time to a minimum, since y’know … old habits die hard.

Over the years, I’ve used (and abused) plenty of beauty products, natural solutions, and quick fixes in the name of lazy. In trial and error, I’ve finally come up with a set of beauty essentials that help me get a truly low-maintenance and polished look.

Tell me, what are your beauty essentials for days when you need to head out the door looking fabulous but don’t have the time?


  • It’s like I’m talking right to you, isn’t it? 1 of 8
  • Great Skin 2 of 8

    Okay, okay ... so great skin doesn't really fit into a makeup bag to be whipped out when you need it. However, great skin is my number one beauty essential for a truly low-maintenance look. There isn't anything quite as fast as being able to roll out of bed with already healthy, glowing skin without any of the concealing and priming prep work involved. Achieve healthier skin with regular moisturizing, sun protection, and water drinking.

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  • Mini Makeup Bag 3 of 8
    Kate Spade Wallet Makes Stylish Makeup Bag

    I have plenty of beauty products taking up space in my home. When I jump in the car ready to go out or head out for a trip, I like to keep it simple. A small makeup bag that will fit all of my essentials makeup items, fit in my purse, and not weigh a ton is an absolute must. But just because I'm low-maintenance doesn't mean I don't have style. I love this Kate Spade bag for all my beauty essential carrying needs.

  • Oil Blotting Sheets 4 of 8

    Even people with amazing skin can get a little oily from time to time. Instead of packing away a powder compact or loose powder and brush, throw a pack of oil blotting sheets in your makeup bag. Pull out a sheet to dab at your T-zone when things get shiny. Most oil blotting sheets come in lightweight and small packages, making them perfect for the low-key beauty.

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  • Color Infused Lip Balm 5 of 8

    Chapped lips are a good look on absolutely no one. Often, when trying to conserve space, a good chapstick will win over lipstick 100% of the time. Enter the color infused lip balm. No longer do I have to choose between a prettily hued pout and a chapped lip. Burt's Bees has a whole line of lip-moisturizing balms, glosses, and shimmers that give just the right amount of color while keeping my lips crack free. I like lighter and neutral shades for my own lips, but there are options for those out there that love a bold lip as well!

    Photo: Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

  • Multi-Use Makeup 6 of 8

    We low-key gals like makeup that can do more than one function. Multi-purpose makeup and beauty products are fabulous. One small tub or tube of makeup that knocks out three beauty needs in one … that, my loves, is amazing. Find a great color creme or stick that comes in a flattering color to highlight your cheeks, swipe on your lips, or give a pop of color to your eyelids.

    Photo: Obsessive Compulsive Creme Concentrate Color sold at Sephora

  • Fantastic Mascara 7 of 8

    A pop of the eye is all you need now that you've covered the rest of your face's needs. A great tube of black mascara will do wonders for the eyes and the face as a whole. Pop it in your bag for a quick touch up after a long day. While I no longer need mascara due to my recent eyelash dip, I've tried many different mascaras that I love (and love to hate.) One of my go-to brands is the one in the classic pink tube.

    Photo: Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara

  • Low-Key Beauty Complete 8 of 8

    Wait ... what? Yep, that is really all you need to get a polished look with no fuss or muss. Hey look, there is room in this bag for my cell phone and keys too!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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