18 Makeup Gift Sets for Everyone: From Beginner to Maven

Hair is my JAM. Hair has been my jam for as long as I can remember. In high school, I did all my friends’ hair for the prom. (Ironically, I myself spent three hours, and like two weeks pay from my job at the ice cream shop, at my own hairdresser’s house that morning to get the perfect platinum Marilyn Monroe curls … but I digress.)

On the flip side, my parents were fairly conservative about makeup. While I was allowed to start coloring my hair some time around age 12, I wasn’t permitted more than a light shade of lipstick (MAC’s ICON was the one I chose) until well into high school. And by then, well … I was kind of a weirdo, so I thought that covering my face in shimmer and glueing a jeweled star over the birthmark under my eye to make myself look like a fairy (probably out of some weird desire for Tori Amos to notice me in the audience at one of her concerts and want to be my best friend) constituted “learning about makeup.” But I digress again. A lot. Anyway…

From there I fell into my Rockabilly Years, where my naturally pale skin didn’t require much cover, so it was all black eyeliner and red lipstick from there … and that’s where my makeup education stopped quite short — until my thirtieth birthday had suddenly arrived, and my makeup arsenal still consisted of not much beyond kohl eyeliner and a well-loved tube of matte red lipstick.

So it suffices to say I was a late bloomer in the makeup world. And now that I’ve arrived, I’m like a kid in a candy shop and can’t get enough of it. But one of the first things I reached for at the advice of my beautiful and brilliant makeup artist friend Tiffany were these handy, dandy makeup starter kits, which not only help you build your basic cosmetic collection, but often come with instructions broken down and foolproof tips for how to apply said makeup. It’s the perfect gift for the makeup beginner or for the makeup lover who loves to try new looks / has an obsession with product. Either way, I’ve put together a list of 18 great options to shove in stockings or wrap under the tree, most of which come with the added bonus of extra value inside! FREE STUFF!

  • Check Some Loved Ones Off That List! 1 of 19

    If they love beauty, you've got them covered. Read on!

  • Beginner: Pixi Beauty Essentials Kit 2 of 19

    Pixi is an expensive but great brand to start up a makeup collection or throw in your car for that last minute touch-up. Four basics won't overwhelm the uninitiated and, it comes with a cute clutch to boot!


    Available HERE, $22.00

  • Beginner, Maven: Stila Artist Essentials Kit 3 of 19

    This amazing collection is perfect for the beginner because it's packed with bare bones essentials. It's also a great option for beauty buffs because of the four art-inspired eye shadow palettes (abstract, surreal, pop art, and renaissance) for provoking endless creativity. 


    Available HERE, $59.00

  • Beginner: Bare Minerals Get Started 4 of 19

    Complete with brushes, this Bare Essentials kit is great for someone who needs to master a more grown-up look, or even the makeup veteran who's ready to switch their daily routine to mineral. Give the gift of helping them on their way.


    Available HERE, $68.00

  • Beginner: Benefit – Feelin’ Dandy 5 of 19

    I'm a huge fan of Benefit's little kits, because they fit in your purse and are always geared towards a specific type of touch-up.


    Available HERE, $28.00

  • Beginner: GloMinerals Holiday 6 of 19

    Chock full of just about everything you need to kick off your makeup basics collection, give the gift of holiday glow to that special someone who's been itching to try out mineral cosmetics.


    Available HERE, $76.00

  • Beginner, Maven: Pop Perfect Peepers 7 of 19

    Great for both the lid and lash-obsessed looking for a new eye popping experience, or, thanks to it's plethora of eye essentials, makes a great introductory kit for the makeup newbie.


    Available HERE, $28.00

  • Beginner: Make Up For Ever – Classic 8 of 19

    Everything you need for a classic holiday look (or my young Rockabilly self all the time). These three staples that will get you through a lot of parties.


    Available HERE, $38.00

  • Beginner, Maven: Nose’s Greatest Hits 9 of 19

    For the perfume lover at any level of expertise, let her try 14 of Sephora's best-selling fragrances. A full sized bottle of her favorite is included in the price. (Also available in men's fragrances.)


    Available HERE, $65.00

  • Beginner, Maven: Beauty Blogger Favorites 10 of 19

    Too Faced crowd sourced from their favorite bloggers and vloggers to put together this essentials collection which makes a great gift for ladies across of all levels of experience.


    Available HERE, $20.00

  • Beginner, Maven: Stila Color Me Glossy 11 of 19

    Who doesn't like a little variety! It's like a box of crayons for your mouth! (What?) Nine Stila lip glazes for the fickle ones in your life.


    Available HERE, $28.00

  • Beginner, Maven: Jane Iredale Sample Kit 12 of 19

    The perfect introduction to a smooth, even complexion, or a fun stocking stuffer for a product junkie, this kit includes 8 favorites from the Jane Iredale line.


    Available HERE, $28.00

  • Maven: Marc Jacobs Beauty 13 of 19

    13 lip colors from the iconic designer, perfect for the makeup maven who has everything but wants even more.


    Available HERE, $350.00

  • Maven: Colorscience Pro – Best Of Beauty Kit 14 of 19

    Need a little colorscience in your life? Here's a great way to collect their best basics all in once place and see what it can do for you (or your makeup-loving loved one).


    Available HERE, $108.00

  • Maven: Smashbox Wonder Vision 15 of 19

    Help the makeup maven in your life grow her collection with these coordinating shades. Smashbox's sets always introduce me to new techniques and come with full-sized products. (Various color schemes available.)


    Available HERE, $32.00

  • Maven: Lorac Eye Tutorial 16 of 19

    The more experienced makeup lover still might learn a thing or two as celebrity makeup artist and Lorac founder Carol Shaw breaks down beautiful eyes "from real life to red carpet."


    Available HERE, $39.00

  • Maven: Anastasia’s Brow Maven 17 of 19

    Experienced makeup lovers know, a perfect brow can make a face. From the Queen of Celebrity Brows, Anastasia Beverly Hills, this kit takes things to the next level, showing you how to achieve the perfect look at home.


    Available HERE, $39.00

  • Maven: The Big Kahuna 18 of 19

    Also from Make Up For Ever, this is the ultimate in beauty value sets, with a whopping 23 products. Perfect for the maven looking to shake up her routine a bit.


    Available HERE, $300

  • Maven: Draw The Line 19 of 19

    Sephora put together a multi-brand collection of six favorite eyeliners, great for product junkies and eyeliner addicts alike.


    Available HERE, $30.00

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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