15 Beauty Habits Worth Breaking

Do you have any bad habits? I know I have quite a few, and every year I resolve that I’m going to break some of them, trying to make myself a better person! I’ve given up on resolving to exercise more often, my toddler has taken care of that issue. Washing my face every night feels like a much easier to tackle resolution!

Are you guilty of any of these bad beauty habits? Which ones will you resolve to overcome this year?


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    We all cut corners sometimes, but are you cutting some corners you shouldn't?  Or have you picked up some bad habits along the way?  Here are some beauty habits you should break now!

  • Skipping Moisturizer 2 of 16

    You may think that your oily skin doesn't need a moisturizer.  Isn't that why all of that shine is there? Unfortunately, sebum production and overall moisture levels in your skin are related, but aren't exactly the same thing. Even oily skin needs moisture, though a lighter moisturizer than someone with dry skin.

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  • Not Thoroughly Washing Your Face 3 of 16

    I'm know you've heard the one about how you should be washing your face every day. Sleeping in your makeup and the grime of the day is a recipe for clogged pores and lackluster skin. You might think you're doing your face a favor by using a face cleansing wipe, but it turns out those face wipes aren't helping your skin. Instead, they're only removing a portion of the makeup and dirt, while leaving behind potentially irritating residue. Take the extra few minutes to fully wash your face.

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  • Skimping on Hair Protection 4 of 16

    You're probably forgetting to protect your hair from heat styling, one of the biggest causes of damage. Every bit of heat adds to the damage, turning your hair into straw. Apply a heat protectant every time you style! Avoid heat styling every day if possible and keep the temperature under 400 degrees if you can.

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  • Using Dirty Brushes 5 of 16

    It doesn't take long to clean your makeup brushes once a week, but finding the time to actually do it can be hard! Unwashed brushes are a perfect breeding ground for both bacterial and mold, and using them can certainly cause a skin infection or contact dermatitis. Old makeup on brushes also gives you less precise results. You'll get makeup from today, yesterday and last week all at once. So, your amazing new taupe or emerald green becomes a muddied mess.

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  • Storing Products in the Wrong Place 6 of 16

    While it seems like keeping products where you will be using them is a great idea, sometimes you should rethink where you are going to keep your sunscreen or night cream. A hot and humid bathroom or a glovebox in a sweltering car are both bad options for products. Products aren't formulated to withstand such extremes in temperature. They will start changing consistency, active ingredients will break down, and packaging can fail. Instead, store your products in a cool, dark spot.

  • Enjoying Your Hot Shower a Bit Too Much 7 of 16

    As wonderful as a long, hot shower sounds during the winter, you're sucking moisture out of your skin while you stand under the water. If you're fighting dry skin, try turning down the temperature of your water and speeding up your shower. Applying your moisturizer within 3 minutes of finishing will help to seal in any moisture you gained.


    Image: stevendepolo, Flickr

  • Ignoring Eye Brows 8 of 16

    Have you ever seen someone with perfect hair and makeup, yet something about them feels unfinished? Usually it is because they've forgotten about their eyebrows. Filling in brows helps to frame your eyes and complete the entire look, pulling it all together, even if it is just a few swipes with a brow pencil.

  • Not Adjusting for the Season 9 of 16

    Why mess with what works, right? Being a creature of habit isn't always a good thing. Every season you should be reevaluating your skincare and makeup. Do you need a heavier moisturizer? Should you increase your SPF? If your summer glow is fading, it is probably time to reevaluate your foundation, concealer, and powder shades. If your wardrobe is changing to deal with the weather, then your skincare and makeup should be changing as well.


    Image: randihausken, Flickr

  • Spending Too Much Time in Front of the Magnifying Mirror 10 of 16

    Do you have a large magnifying mirror? Chances are if you have something that shows your face larger than life, you've also magnified any skin issues in your mind! Spending too much time in front of the magnifying mirror picking at your skin and plucking invisible hairs can suck up a lot of time, but also make those problems worse!

    Picking at your skin can spread infection, cause inflammation and redness. The redness is a lot harder to hide than the small blemish you were picking at! Additionally, it is better to let the invisible hairs grow and wax them all off at once. This will help to sync their growth patterns, making them less obvious in between waxing.

  • Ignoring Your Skincare Spoon 11 of 16

    You know that little spoon that sometimes comes with your night cream? The one you threw away? You should be using it. Every time you dip your fingers into your cream you are introducing bacteria. Using a clean spatula instead (because you should be washing it off with soap and water after use) is much more sanitary and can save you from an unpleasant skin infection.

  • Ignoring Other Aging Areas 12 of 16

    Tonight when you're applying your skin care, take a few moments to spread those products down onto your neck (don't forget the back), upper chest and the back of your hands. They're all exposed to the elements like your face and are aging, but we frequently ignore them when applying products, so they'll give away your age. The same products that work on your face will work for your hands, neck and chest.

  • Trimming Your Cuticles 13 of 16

    Cuticles are there to help protect your nail bed and they shouldn't be lifted up and they should never be trimmed. Cutting those cuticles puts you at risk of an infection like paronychia. To help deal with unruliness, use a cuticle remover and orange stick to gently push them back. Your cuticle trimmer should only be used for hang nails, never to remove excess cuticle.

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  • Not Changing Up Your Shower Routine 14 of 16

    Many of us wash our hair and our face at the same time in the shower. It saves time with rinsing, right? It turns out that shampoo and conditioner can leave residue on your face when rinsed off. Your conditioner is full of ingredients that might be great for your hair, but not so much for your face. Next time, wash your face at the very end of your shower.

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  • Relying on Makeup for SPF 15 of 16

    It is hard to buy makeup without some SPF in it these days. Unfortunately, that isn't enough protection. You need 7x the normal amount of foundation and 14x the amount of powder to achieve the stated SPF, and in addition, you likely aren't applying the makeup to your entire face and neck. Consider makeup a "bonus" to your protection and rely on lotion or sunscreen instead.

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  • Ignoring What Your Skin is Telling You 16 of 16

    You might have a carefully planned skin care routine, but real life simply doesn't work that way. Skin care should not burn, sting, cause redness or flaking. Forging ahead with products despite these symptoms is a recipe for disaster. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you -- flexibility can be a good thing! You might need to space that retinoid cream out to every other night or add a little extra moisture with a different night cream.

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