5 Beauty Tips for Turning 40

July, how are you? You’re back, and this time you bring with you a very special day in my life. My birthday. But not just any birthday. My 40th birthday. Yep, I’m turning 40. And this Leo does not plan on going into the next decade without her luxurious mane and lioness walk of confidence. In fact, I plan on making this new decade a fabulous one. And by fabulous I mean carving out more time to take care of myself. After all, the best beauty routine comes from loving yourself enough to care for yourself. I love makeup. I love trends. However, none of that matters if your skin is not its best. Here are my beauty tips for turning 40.

The first beauty tip for aging gracefully is … Feed your body with good food, and your body, skin, hair and nails will thank you for it. This includes drinking plenty of water, incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet, and staying away from processed foods. Stick to organics, take advantage of local farmers markets, and limit take-out, which is loaded with ingredients that will show up on the surface of your skin. Of course, easier said than done. But you owe it to yourself and you will see a noticeable difference in the quality of your skin and hair by simply providing them with the nutrients they need.

Protect your skin from the effects of the sun. If you’ve spent years sunbathing or going to a tanning salon, it’s time to strongly reconsider that. Not only does it cause premature wrinkles, but your chances of getting skin cancer are much higher. Wear a good SPF (30 or higher) and invest in fun summer hats and beautiful sunglasses. Re-apply your SPF throughout the day, carry a small bottle in your purse and leave one in your car. If you want a fresh-from-the-beach glow this summer, there are plenty of brands that won’t leave you with a Chef Boyardee look. Those days are over.

Develop a night and morning cleansing and moisturizing routine, and stick to it. I’ve been guilty of falling asleep with my makeup on, especially after a full day. Buy cleansing wipes and keep them by your nightstand for those nights you just can’t bear to stand up anymore. They don’t deep clean, but it’s better than going to sleep with foundation, blush and mascara on your face. Makeup clogs your pores and dries your skin. It’s important to go to sleep with your canvas clean and fresh. In the morning, make sure you always wash and moisturize, preferably with a lotion that has SPF (don’t forget your neck and hands).

Less is more. I love makeup and have a lot of fun playing around with trends (and will talk about all that fun stuff as a new beauty blogger for Babble) but I focus more on the quality of my skin. I tend to look older when I wear too much makeup. I’d rather have glowing skin that could go either way with a bright lip or a smokey eye so I try my best to stick to a skincare routine. At 39, I still get acne, which leave blemishes on my face. I have combination skin and occasionally get dry patches on my cheeks. If I don’t stick to a routine, my skin goes dull and dry really fast. Plus, we’re moms. Sometimes we only have time to apply mascara and it’s time to go!

Start from within. Otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels. In addition to eating right and protecting your skin from the sun, make sure you incorporate some form of exercise into your week. Release those endorphins and get your circulation going. There is nothing more beautiful than a stress-free face accompanied by a warm, welcoming smile.

And now that we’ve got the real beauty stuff covered, I look forward to sharing more in-depth beauty tips from skincare to makeup! I’m very happy to join the fabulous group of Babble beauty bloggers!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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