Beginner’s Guide To BB, CC, and DD Creams

Anyone else confused about BB, CC, DD and any other letter in the alphabet cream? Many of these creams are all-in-ones with specialized skin care treatment functions such as brightening, firming, and anti-aging.  I’m not exactly sure where this beauty trend came from but I will assure you they can be a godsend.

If the letters weren’t confusing enough, the acronyms have double meaning and many of their functions overlap. (Sheesh)

Let’s start off with what the acronyms stand for…

BB or Beauty Balm (also known as blemish balm) was the first of the all-in-one facial creams.  They are traditionally lighter in finish and offer slightly less coverage than most foundations and concealers. Fellow Babble Contributor, Christine Mikesell calls them souped-up tinted moisturizers.  They are ideal for light makeup wearers or someone that wants a more flawless makeup application, even skin tone, a fresh look, or to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Here’s a list of BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers

Shortly after BBs hitting the market, the beauty industry introduced us to “color corrector” or “coverage control” creams. CC creams (CCs) do all the things BBs do, with the addition of evening skin tone, controlling oil and leaving the skin radiant.  According to this month’s Essence Magazine, CCs firm skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots, redness, acne scarring and sun spots over time.

Finally, we have DDs (daily defense or dynamic do-all) which were originally not facial creams but body creams. They quickly joined the ranks of the other alphabet facial creams. They have all the benefits of BBs and CCs with the addition of anti-aging.  DDs are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and age-deftying ingredients.

Are you still confused? Below are quick facts and a comparison chart courtesy of You Beauty.com to help you out.

More Quick Facts About Alphabet Creams

  • They are available in powder compacts or squeeze tubes.
  • Go light with the applications for best results.
  • Yes, they are very lightweight and breathable but you should still wash off with a gentle makeup remover.
  • Not all are made equal. Make sure that the cream’s claims meet your skin type needs.
  • Some brands are limited in skin tones; it may be difficult for warmer complexions to find the perfect match in certain brands.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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