Twilight-Inspired Vampire Bella Swan Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This shouldn’t be a spoiler to anyone at this point, but teenage Bella Swan goes on to become a vampire in Breaking Dawn, the last book of the beloved Twilight series. Along with eternal life, this change brings Bella the trademark Twilight vampire attributes: pale skin that shimmers in the sunlight, darkness around the eyes, and light irises. Vampire Bella is a super easy Halloween costume that doesn’t require a lot of costuming, and you may already have the majority of the makeup in your cosmetic bag. Follow the steps in the slideshow to see how it’s done.

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  • Prep 2 of 14

    I've pulled my hair back out of the way, primed my face with a little foundation primer, and grabbed a face painting kit I have around for my son.

    Snazaroo Face Painting Kit is available at Walmart, $11.82

  • Go Undead 3 of 14

    Using a cosmetic sponge, apply white face paint to your entire face. Don't forget to extend it up into your hairline, onto your ears, and down your neck and chest.

  • Contour 4 of 14

    Because Bella is still quite beautiful as a vampire, I'm going to add a little bit of contouring under my cheekbones using my regular foundation.

    Flower About Face Foundation is available at Walmart, $13.98

  • Apply Eyeshadow 5 of 14

    Now, apply a brown or vampy violet shadow, lining under the eye and blending up beyond your crease. Wet an eyeliner brush and use a dark shadow to line the top lid for extra drama.

    Smashbox Fade to Black Eye Shadow Palette is found at Beauty.com, $42

  • Mascara 6 of 14

    Curl lashes if desired, and apply two coats of black mascara.

    Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara is available at Drugstore, $8.53

  • Lipstick 7 of 14

    Bella's lips always look just-bitten (pun intended), so I dabbed some red lipstick onto my fingers and applied it by gently patting it onto my lips, concentrating the most color toward the center.

    Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in #01 is available at Walmart, $4.97

  • Glitter 8 of 14

    Now the fun part! Give yourself that Cullen shimmer with a healthy dose of face iridescent sparkles. Use a large foundation blush to apply the glitter to your entire face, neck, and décolleté.

    Wet n Wild Mega-Sparkle Confetti can be found at Walgreens, $2.99

  • Eyebrows 9 of 14

    It's just Bella's skin that has lost its pigment, so you'll need to fill in your brows.

    Urban Decay Brow Box is found at Urban Decay, $29

  • Make Waves 10 of 14

    Bella's long layers are usually just slight textured. Spritz sections with hairspray, and then wind around a 1-inch curling iron. Pull it straighter while it's still warm after releasing to create soft waves.

    Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron can be purchased at Folica, $31.99

  • Add Extensions 11 of 14

    If your hair is shorter, like mine, you can add a few longer extensions to lengthen your locks. I'm using inexpensive synthetic clip-ins from the costume department.

    Party City Hair Extensions are available at Party City, $.99

  • Fangs 12 of 14

    Okay, what I like about the Bella costume is that you don't really need fangs. In the Twilight world, they only come out when it's time to feed. Cheap plastic fangs never fit me (see above!), and the more expensive ones that adhere to your incisors are not easy to apply and don't stay on well. If you want fangs, I recommend the cheap ones so you can easily pop them in and out if you want to eat or drink.

    Plastic Vampire Fangs can be found at Party City, $.99

  • Colored Contacts 13 of 14

    If you want to go all out with your Bella costume, you'll need a pair of golden-colored contacts. This is totally optional, and I've just altered this picture to emulate the effect.

    Twilight Bella Contacts can be ordered from Brilliant Contacts, $24.99

  • Enjoy Your Immortality 14 of 14

    And try to pretend a vampire and werewolf are fighting over you. No need to pick teams.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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