Best Picks for Moms From America’s Beauty Show 2013

Every year, Cosmetologists Chicago hosts America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. The enormous event is for beauty professionals only and includes over 400 exhibits from a variety of manufacturers, classes and workshops, and other special events. One of my favorite things to check out at the show is called “The Runway,” where you can watch hair superstars demonstrate their techniques. The presentations are part education, part performance complete with music, videos, and models strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

While visiting the trade show floor this year, I kept a special eye out for anything of special interest for mothers. Click through the slideshow to see what I found, along with some fun pictures from ABS.

  • 10 Best Picks For Moms From America’s Beauty Show 2013 1 of 21
    10 Best Picks For Moms From America's Beauty Show 2013
  • Welcome to ABS 2 of 21
    Welcome to ABS
    The main exhibit show floor.
  • The 3 of 21
    This great brush offers flexible bristles that prevent painful detangling and breakage, which could save you a lot of time and tears in the morning when you are dealing with your kid's bedhead.
    Pick one in your favorite color at The "Wet" Brush.
  • The Men of Stila 4 of 21
    The Men of Stila
    Something drew me to the Stila Booth.
  • Stila Color Balm Lipstick 5 of 21
    Stila Color Balm Lipstick
    Brand new for Spring 2013, Stila Color Balm Lipstick delivers all the color of a lipstick with the moisturizing qualities of a balm. Perfect for my chapped and cracking lips!
    Available at Stila.
  • Product Testing 6 of 21
    Product Testing
    Trying on lipstick at Stila with a very dirty mirror.
  • Bio Ionic StyleWinder 7 of 21
    Bio Ionic StyleWinder
    Not so great with a curling iron? This iron simplifies the action just clip in the strand and turn the rotating base.
    Watch the how-to video and learn where to buy on Bio Ionic.
  • Practice Makes Perfect 8 of 21
    Practice Makes Perfect
    A woman tries out the Bio Ionic StyleWinder on the show floor.
  • Hair Color Chalk 9 of 21
    Hair Color Chalk
    Do your kids want to get their hair dyed with fun colors? Hair chalk lets them (or you) have the look without the commitment. Washes out in one shampoo!
    Learn more at Hair Color Chalk.
  • Maybe She Was Chalked? 10 of 21
    Maybe She Was Chalked?
    A model from the Tracey Hughes runway presentation.
  • Circle of Friends Lice Defense 11 of 21
    Circle of Friends Lice Defense
    As icky as lice is, we all know that it can happen to any child. Six to 12 million children are affected each year! Luckily, Circle of Friends has an entire line of lice defense haircare products that help deter the little critters using natural essential oils.
    Order yours at Circle of Friends.
  • Doubtful They Have Lice 12 of 21
    Doubtful They Have Lice
    Models from the Saco runway show starring Richard Ashforth.
  • 28 Day Mascara 13 of 21
    28 Day Mascara
    Wouldn't it be nice to just wake up and have your mascara already on? Godefroy's 28 Day Mascara is a non-toxic, at home tinting kit that promises to last at least 4 weeks. Great for anyone with pale lashes.
    Get your kit at Godefroy.
  • Or You Could Wear False Lashes… 14 of 21
    Or You Could Wear False Lashes...
    Model found on the show floor.
  • Children With Hair Loss 15 of 21
    Children With Hair Loss
    TiGi has partnered with CWHL to bring human hair replacement to children who have suffered hair loss.
    Find out how you can help at Children With Hair Loss.
  • Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ionic Thermal Brushes 16 of 21
    Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ionic Thermal Brushes
    These brushes are decrease drying time and are great for creating a blowout with lots of volume and shine. I love the Olivia Garden brush I use at the salon so much, I picked up one to keep at home.
    Find out where you can buy one at Olivia Garden.
  • Pre-Round Brush Purchase 17 of 21
    Pre-Round Brush Purchase
    Maybe I should have done my hair before posing with Tracey Hughes.
  • TiGi Precision Black Eyeliner Pen 18 of 21
    TiGi Precision Black Eyeliner Pen
    This long-lasting eyeliner is a snap to apply and creates a nice, bold line.
    Check it out at TiGi Cosmetics.
  • Makeover From TiGi 19 of 21
    Makeover From TiGi
    I wore the TiGi Precision Black Eyeliner all day and it never budged.
  • Sun Labs Self Tanners 20 of 21
    Sun Labs Self Tanners
    It's widely known that we should all try to stay out of the sun but sometimes getting a little color is nice. Sun Labs offers a great assortment of self tanners, scrubs, and maintenance lotions.
    Learn more at Sun Labs.
  • Fake Bake 21 of 21
    Fake Bake
    The girls at sun labs show off their tans.

For more on my experience at America’s Beauty Show this past weekend, visit my blog, Parlor.

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