Beyoncé Cut Her Hair Off! 5 Things People Are Thinking

When a high-profile celeb drastically changes their appearance, it becomes national news. It was no different for Beyonce. I have seen pictures of her short pixie cut on every social media network. Of course, there are a lot of opinions, both good and bad. But I wanted to address five things people think when you cut off all your hair, regardless of who you are or how well they know you personally.

You’re Crazy

Every woman that shaves her head is not having a Britney Spears moment (at least not every time).

When I did my first and only big chop and cut off all my hair, my mom (bless her heart) thought I was crazy. “No one in their right mind would cut off all that long and pretty hair,” she said. I was tired of propitiating the image of long-haired beauty. I explained it was about redefining my self-image. Needless to say, she was unconvinced.

Your Man Is Doing You Wrong

Some women do a big chop in response to a break up. I totally get it! Cutting your hair is very liberating. Cutting your hair can be a sign of rebellion towards that ex that only wanted women with long hair. It could also be a sign of adulthood; maybe your parent didn’t allow you to cut your hair. In either case, short hair is a badge of emancipation.

You’re Having A Mid-Life Crisis

The fact is when we, as women are going through something, our hair is the first thing to go. A new ‘do’ can change your whole outlook on life. Hair is also an easy target, because you can always (eventually) go back — no change is permanent. When we want to change something about ourselves or life, we either dye it or cut it.

You’re Losing It (Your Hair, That Is)

Hair loss or alopecia is more common in both men and women than we think. In response to balding, someone might want to get ahead of it by shaving or cutting their hair before alopecia is apparent. (No pun intended)

You’re Sick

It’s unfortunate when someone cuts their hair that comments like “you look like a cancer patient” are made. It’s very sad, but a common assumption. Making the choice to cut your hair shouldn’t be equated to a life altering disease.

 Have you ever drastically changed your appearance? What were some of the comments you received?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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