Beyonce Rejects Slimmed-Down Images for H & M Campaign

If you need another reason to love Beyoncé, reports have been surfacing that she refused to give approval for a series of photos that had been altered. The images, taken for a H&M campaign, had been photoshopped to slim her famous curves and Beyonce wasn’t having it.

Some reports assert that she was furious about the photoshopping but H&M insists there was no diva-like behavior. After civilized discussions, the retailer approved the original, unaltered images. In a statement, H&M claimed: “Our goal has always been to portray Beyoncé as the strong and beautiful woman she is. It has been a wonderful working process and a close cooperation. Both parties are happy with the final images.”

I absolutely love this story. Hooray for Beyoncé! She’s gorgeous and there is just no reason to alter her figure. Her curves are part of what makes her unique and compelling. A while ago, I made the decision to not use Photoshop on my blog to enhance my appearance. I will use Instagram filters but that seems less devious than erasing smile lines or under eye bags.

We’ve come to this point when it’s so easy to correct everyone to the point of inhuman flawlessness. I can admit it was eye-catching for a while because the images were so stunning and almost unreal. But it’s gone too far for too long and it’s just boring now. When I flip through a magazine and come across a picture of someone with real curves like Beyoncé or a picture of Gisele without makeup, it completely catches my attention. So smarten up advertisers and get real!




Article Posted 5 years Ago

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