Black and White Outline Nails

Inspired by Day of the Dead, Halloween, and pretty much anything black and white these days, I decided a bit of nail fun was in order.

My fun nail project took several tries. Maybe drinking a few cups of coffee prior to painting any straight line is not a good idea. I really could not hold my hand steady. After a few attempts, I finally got my hand to cooperate. My son kept asking why this was happening over and over again. This goes to show you that even a person who paints will not get this kind of thing right the first time. If you’re new to this, don’t be discouraged by the tutorials online that make it look easy. Either way, it’s fun to play around with ideas and looks to celebrate the different seasons.

Black and white outline nails are perfect for the days ahead or for any time of the year!

  • Black and White Nails 1 of 5

    Looks pretty simple, but it's always the simple looking designs that take the most work. Must have a steady hand for this one.

  • Prep Nails 2 of 5

    Make sure you prep your hands first. Your hands, cuticles, and nails need to be ready before you apply color. After washing your hands, moisturize and let it set for about 30 minutes or so. Add your cuticle remover and push down on your cuticle for a clean look. I talk more about this process HERE. Use a clear polish to even out the nails' texture.

  • Paint your nails white 3 of 5

    Add your favorite white nail polish. Here's a great step by step on making your nails in white look fabulous (and not like white-out!).

  • Apply black polish 4 of 5

    Obviously, the brush that comes with your favorite black polish/lacquer is too wide. You can use an acrylic paint brush (I recommend nothing bigger than size 0) or you can get a nail art brush set at Amazon.

  • Nail Art Kit 5 of 5

    For inspiration or to get yourself everything you need for your nail art projects, Sephora has this awesome kit! 

    Purchase Ciaté Nail Lab at Sephora for $65.00

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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