16 Holiday Updo Tutorials from Your Favorite Bloggers

As the weather gets colder, I’m realizing Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Whaa? Wow, this year has gone by fast. I absolutely love the holidays because there are plenty of opportunities to play dress up. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to accessorize is to dress up your hair. Because I want you to look your best, I’ve compiled 16 of my favorite tutorials from around the web.

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If you do any of these styles, make sure to tag me on Instagram @twistmepretty. I’d love to see how you pull them off! And as always, go check out my style gallery with over 100 styles just waiting to be worn!

  • Waterfall Updo 1 of 20

    The waterfall braid is so popular right now. I love that Steph has turned this into an updo, yet has kept the feminine feel by letting hair graze the cheek. Video tutorial can be found here.

    Tutorial from Hair and Makeup by Steph

  • Knotted Updo 2 of 20

    In the next two weeks, I'll be sharing this tutorial on my site, Twist Me Pretty. I would have made a tutorial prior to posting, but my camera has broken and is in the shop. Total bummer. So please stay tuned; you'll die at how crazy easy this one is! As soon as I've posted the tutorial, I'll link up to it!

  • The Twisted Side Bun 3 of 20

    Asymmetrical buns help make you feel feminine. Your hair is off your neck, but you can still see your gorgeous 'do from the front. This is a must see tutorial.

    Tutorial can be found at The Freckled Fox

  • Messy Bun with a Braided Wrap 4 of 20

    If you have medium length hair, then this is the style for you. No French braiding necessary either, so anyone can achieve this gorgeous look.

    Tutorial can be found at The Small Things Blog

  • Elegant Chignon 5 of 20

    I love chignons. They are so classy, and there's no braiding required. If you have different colors in your hair, this style really brings those out. Make sure to find the tutorial at Twist Me Pretty ... hey, that's me! I did this style over two years ago, so forgive the amateur pictures!

  • Roll and Pin Updo 6 of 20

    If you have super curly hair, this is a great updo for you.

    Tutorial from Hair Romance

  • Braided Bun 7 of 20

    I love this style. It looks gorgeous on textured second day hair and is incredibly easy and fast to complete. You're going to leave two sections of hair out near the nape of your neck. Braid them and secure with clear elastics. Take the rest of your hair and roll it in, securing with large bobby pins. Then you're simply going to wrap those braids around the roll to finish it off.

    The tutorial can be found in The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook; you can purchase it here or on Amazon for $12

  • Easier Than It Looks 8 of 20

    Another great 'do from our lovely stylist Kate. This one is great for medium length hair!

    Tutorial from The Small Things Blog

  • Fancy Fishtail 9 of 20

    I love how elegant this fancy fishtail is. If you're nervous to pull all your hair up off your neck, this is the style for you. You can really feature that long, voluminous hair, but add interest with a simple fishtail. I just curled my hair using a 1" wand and brushed through the curls. Then I've teased the heavier side of my part and French fishtailed from the ear, across the crown and down. Make sure to leave out hair; you don't want to fishtail it all 🙂

    Post can be found at Twist Me Pretty

  • Tuck and Cover 10 of 20

    If you are a beginner, this is a great go-to easy updo. Melissa has a great video tutorial for this style, which can be found here.

    Tutorial from My Soul is the Sky

  • Braided Topsy Tail 11 of 20

    I love the assymmetrical look on this one. Let that beautiful hair flow, but add interest with a little Dutch braid!

    Tutorial from Hair and Makeup by Steph

  • Elegant Updo 12 of 20

    If you're a beginner, this is a style you can do. I love how fancy this updo looks, but it's incredibly easy.

    The tutorial can be found in The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook; you can purchase it here or on Amazon for $12

  • Princess Braids 13 of 20

    This style is a little more difficult. If you're a beginner I'd maybe avoid it, but definitely circle back around once you've practiced up on your braids!

    The video tutorial can be found here

  • Top Knot 14 of 20

    I love Cara's top knots; they are so fun and flirty! It helps if you have a ton of hair, but go check out how she does it.

    Tutorial can be found at Cara Loren

  • Three Banded Buns 15 of 20

    Another super easy style than anyone can do. Know how to make a messy bun? Well, these are three messy buns right next to each other in this fabulous 'do.

    The tutorial can be found in The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook; you can purchase it here or on Amazon for $12

  • Alternative Braid 16 of 20

    The alternative braid is my absolute most favorite hairstyle. No braiding required. I love that it's asymmetrical so you can feel that hair on your face; for some reason, that just always makes me feel more feminine. This is a great style to add volume to flat hair; just make sure to tease that heavy side and set with Kenra 25 hairspray.

    The video tutorial can be found here ... don't have a heart attack when you see how it's created!

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