Blue Eye Shadow Trend: Do or Dont?


I am wearing Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Brash Blue.

I’ve been doing a little research on makeup trends lately, as beauty bloggers tend to do. Interestingly, (to me anyway) blue eye shadows are making a huge comeback. Now, if you lived through the 80s like I did, you may be a bit skeptical. Blue eye shadows were very popular in that decade and the look was, shall we say, a bit garish?

Fashion rules were stricter in those days as well. I remember distinctly feeling as though blue eye shadows were for girls with blue eyes and really no one else should go to that coveted place. You were supposed to discover your “season” and stick to the prescribed colors that would best suit your hair, eye, and skin color. I never got the impression that blue was appropriate for Asians or any other person of color.

Maybe that is precisely why I like this trend. Because this time, there are no rules. Some blues flatter certain skin tones more than others but blue shadows, in general, are fair game. My inner teenager still likes to be invited to the party. And I certainly need some fun pops of color to brighten up this dreary winter.

Admittedly, the look is a little intimidating. The hot tones are fairly bold blues. Cobalt, royal, and electric blues are all over the runways and magazines. The trick to wearing them and not looking like 90s parody of the 80s (remember Mimi from The Drew Carey Show?) is to keep it simple. Just swipe the color on your lids and don’t go too far beyond the crease. This blue should be your statement piece, if you will, so keep the rest of your makeup subtle and natural.

So, what do you think? Will you follow the trend and try a blue eye shadow this Spring? Or are bright blue lids, like poofy bangs and banana clips, something you just don’t want re-live?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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