Blur Those Tan Lines: The Best Ways to Camouflage Sunburn

courtesy of Duncan Hull on Flickr
courtesy of Duncan Hull on Flickr

As a fair-skinned lady living in sunny Southern California, I am no stranger to the six month tan line created by a slip in foresight.  At 33 years old, I have finally learned to pack hats, carry sunscreen, and stay the f#$% out of the sun! But in truth, most of my well-earned sun damage came in lessons I regretfully learned time and time again with asymmetrical tan lines, freckles and blisters. But since I consider myself an optimist, I must say I have become quite the tanline camouflage expert!

Well, the obvious trick to not having awful tan lines is to wear sunscreen, but if you’re reading this, let’s assume you’re past that point and have the burn to prove it.

If the damage is subtle, you might try slathering the tanned parts with sunscreen and letting the white parts toast to match. Be careful, I’ve ended up with much worse tan lines that way .. .it’s a delicate art. If you’re keen to try it might I recommend brush on mineral sunblock? Doesn’t leave streaks and blurs lines nicely even if you miss a spot. It’s also all natural, and no sticky residue.


BOB, Brush on Block makes a great full spectrum 30 SPF, $22 HERE.

Next, and perhaps trustier, definitely less-skin-cancery trick, is a little bronzer. Match to your burn/tan, not your regular skin color.


My go-to being, TOO FACED’s Bronzed and The Beautiful Palette because … well … it can be matched to any of the plethora of colors my skin turns in the sun. I like this one because it gives you a little SPF primer and four options. While the Chocolate Soleil is too dark for me, the Sun Bunny, Snow Bunny, and Powered Sun combo make for a solid in-a-pinch tanline fix. $38.00 HERE.


BareMinerals also has a great mineral-based bronzer that can work tan line magic! $24.00 HERE!


But my actual number one trick is the ol’ necklace trick. If I get one of those deep-v tanlines, that cuts off right at my collarbone exposing my uneven shoulders to amphitheatre level, I wear a short-chain necklace to keep the attention  around my neck and off my chest. Embarrassing halter top tan? I rock that with a sort of “fill-in-the blanks-necklace” and opt for chucky or long. And for one of those UVA index 7 sunburn-tan lines, I just grab the biggest chatoyant gemstone I can dig up from that tangled mess of a jewelry box buried somewhere deep in my closet before I had two regular laundry loads of kids clothes blocking the entrance.

I mean, try spotting my tan lines through that bad boy. ($10.99 via BellaJewelry4u on Etsy)

That’s it! Your sun-day beauty scoop: Sunscreen – rotating tops – bronzer palettes- necklaces — with a big floppy hat cherry on top. 


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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