Boho Topsy Tail Braid Tutorial

So you say you can’t french braid, eh? Well, I’ll let it slide with the caveat that it’s worth learning. This how-to post includes step-by-step instructions. In the meantime, you can cheat a bit and get a similar look using a topsy tail tool. You can pick up a kit like this one from Conair fairly inexpensively or make one with this simple DIY tutorial. The technique is simple; the tool helps feed the ponytail through its base to flip it under while twisting the sides into slight V-shape. When you repeat this step down a length of hair, the final style looks similar to a braided style without any actual braiding. In fact, this loose, pretty bohemian-inspired style is so quick and easy to create, you might swap it out for your bad-hair-day-ponytail!

Click through the slides below for the step-by-step boho topsy tail braid tutorial.

Boho Topsy Tail Braid Tutorial 1 of 15
Add Product 2 of 15
Start by running some pomade or styling wax through your hair to make it easier to work with. This step is important; don't skip it.
Gather Small Section 3 of 15
Section a small amount of hair where you'd like your "braid" to begin.
Tie Your First Ponytail 4 of 15
Use a small hair band to tie the section into a ponytail.
Thread Ponytail 5 of 15
Feed the ponytail through the loop in your topsy tail tool.
Flip Ponytail Through 6 of 15
Holding the ends of your ponytail, insert the tail of your tool through the base of the ponytail between the hair band and your scalp. Pull the tail down, feeding the ponytail through the center.
Take Next Section 7 of 15
Add some hair from each side to the existing ponytail to create your second ponytail and tie off with a hair band.
Flip Again 8 of 15
Use your tool to once again feed the ponytail through. This time, it will go through the center of the first ponytail between the two hair bands.
Repeat 9 of 15
Continue adding hair in sections, tying into ponytails, and flipping them through the previous ponytail until you reach your nape.
Add Another Hair Band 10 of 15
Tie another hair band around your ponytail about 2 inched below the one at your nape.
Separate the Section 11 of 15
Use your fingers to separate the hair between the last two bands.
Pull the End Through 12 of 15
Use your topsy tail tool or your fingers to flip the ponytail up and through the hole. If your hair is longer than mine, repeat the last 3 steps until you reach the end of your ponytail.
Cut Out Bands 13 of 15
If you like the way the style looks with the elastics in, feel free to skip this step. I like to remove them using a small pair of scissors to create a looser style. Carefully cut and remove all bands except the last one.
Finish With a Bow 14 of 15
Wrap a bit of ribbon around the last band to hide it and then tie it into a pretty bow.
Side Version 15 of 15
Angle the braid down one side of your head as an alternative.
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