Chic Knotted Chignon: A Simple How-To

Wishing that you had a new updo style to rock? I have just the thing for you! Creating this pretty low bun is as simple as tying a knot. All you need to create this style is pomade or wax, small hair bands, bobby pins, a hand mirror, and a good finishing spray. Tying strands of hair into knots can be tricky to master, but with enough product and a little practice, this updo should take you under 15 minutes to create. Having a little grit and texture in your hair helps, so start with it unwashed. If your hair is clean, you will simply need to add more product to help keep strands easy to manage. Hair can be straight or curly, but note that if your hair is naturally frizzy, you may want to smooth it out beforehand with a round brush, blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron. The trick to tying clean knots is to smooth the strands first with plenty of pomade or wax to keep them together and neat.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to create the knotted chignon:

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  • Gather Materials 2 of 9

    Here's what you'll need:

    Pomade or styling wax (I used Lanza Healing Style Refine Pomade)

    Small hair bands

    Hand mirror

    Bobby pins

    Hair pins (optional)

    Hairspray (I used Umberto Regular Hold Hairspray)

  • Create Two Sections 3 of 9

    Divide hair down the middle from the front hairline to the nape to create two roughly equal sections.

  • Begin Knotting 4 of 9

    Clipping one side out of the way, divide the loose section horizontally into two roughly equal pieces. Smooth each strand with a good amount of pomade, and then tie them in a knot. To do this, simply cross the strands and fold one up and loop through, just as you would tie a shoe (not the bow, just the first initial tie). Pull tight to your head.

  • Continue Knotting 5 of 9

    Repeat this to tie a second knot, and continue knotting in this manner until you reach the ends. Tie off with a small hair band. If you have layers, you will have small pieces sticking out. That's okay; you can pin them down later or leave them out for a messy look.

  • Repeat On the Other Side 6 of 9

    Release the other side, divide horizontally into two roughly equal sections and knot as you did before, tying the end off with a small band.

  • Cross Knotted Sections 7 of 9

    Cross the two sections you have knotted, folding one over the other.

  • Pin in Place 8 of 9

    After crossing the sections, fold the ends under the other section to hide the hair bands, and pin into place. Use a hand mirror to check the back, and continue to pin down any loose sections with bobby pins or hair pins.

  • Finish 9 of 9

    Give your style a good spritz of hairspray, and you're done!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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