Guide to Choosing the Best Haircut for Your Kid

image source: babble
image source: babble

Cutting your little one’s hair can be harrowing. Particularly if you were traumatized in childhood by an evil sibling wielding safety scissors, resulting in a haircut that was asexual at best and life-destroying at worst.

It makes sense to tailor your child’s hairstyle to his or her developing personality. Here’s a guide to the types of hairstyles that work best for your unique child.

1. The Princess

If your daughter knows every Disney Princess and will only attend preschool if she can wear full Elsa regalia, you are familiar with the battle that can ensue if you attempt to change her appearance in a manner that does not befit royalty. Make sure her hair is kept long, and learn to make an Elsa side braid now.

2. The Hippie

This child loves music, animals, and walking barefoot in the grass. Let this child’s hair grow as free as their spirit, but use a lot of conditioner so you don’t end up with her hair matching the bird’s nests she loves to peer into.

3. The Messy One

This child just seems to be followed around by a cloud of dirt, kind of like Pigpen in Charlie Brown. Give this little grime-covered creature a haircut that can withstand frequent washing, as short as she will consent to. On the bright side, isn’t hair supposed to look better when it’s a little dirty?

4. The Good Girl

This kid is every mother’s dream. Sometimes, you think the moms you know with rambunctious boys want to steal your daughter and just sit around doing crafts with her all day. If you have ever gotten the feedback, “Your daughter is a delight” (without sarcasm) during preschool parent-teacher conferences, try a cute shoulder length and festoon it with ribbons and bows. No chance of gum in the hair or a self-styling scissors accident with this little angel, and all the bows will come home in pristine condition.

5. The Wild Child

When you’re not chasing her out of trees or imploring her to leave the dog alone, you’re cleaning up the trail of devastation she has made in the house. You can’t wrestle this wild child into a chair for pigtails and fishtail braids. Get her a bob and throw out the brush you’re never going to get to use.

6. The Studious One

Your little boy loves to collect rocks and reads voraciously about dinosaurs. Take advantage of this calm temperament and give him the Beatles-esque haircut that will make other moms stop and coo at him. He’ll consent to frequent trims if he’s rewarded with trips to the museum.

7. The “Spirited” One

If your little boy won’t listen to reason and hasn’t let you brush his hair in four years, shave his head in summer and give him a buzz cut in winter. There isn’t a tip big enough to make a hairstylist happy to have this little demon of destruction in her chair.

8. The Brat

Every kid goes through stages, and, intellectually, you know this terrible behavior is just a phase. But the kid who whines about getting the wrong color of cupcake, and steals his sister’s new birthday doll and breaks it can get on your last nerve. Cut his hair yourself. If you have an unforeseen accident and your kid ends up with a mullet, just consider it a little payback.

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