Color-Blocked Nail Art Tutorial: One Technique, Endless Possibilities

The fashion and beauty industries continue to spotlight bright colors, as evidenced by the long-running color blocking trend. Adding color in panels makes even the most vibrant hues more wearable. In this tutorial, I show you how to do some fun color blocking on your nails. This look is fun to create but be aware you’ll need a little patience to allow for ample drying time. Once you master this technique, you can create an endless number of looks. Customize the design with any colors you like and with the shape of your color sections. I’ve chosen to block triangles to demonstrate the steps, but I also include how to create pretty diagonal tips and blocks in right angles, as well as offer tips for developing your own color scheme.

For the step-by-step color blocked nail art tutorial, click through the slideshow below.


Color Blocked Nails: One Technique, Endless Possibilities 1 of 13
Gather Materials 2 of 13
For this look, you will need:
Prep Nails 3 of 13
After shaping nails, pushing back cuticles, and applying hand cream, wipe each nail with nail polish remover using a cotton ball or pad to remove any oils or debris.
Base Coat 4 of 13
Apply a base coat to all fingernails.
Base Color 5 of 13
Apply two coats of white nail polish and then wait for it to completely dry. The polish needs to cure for at least an hour. Longer if you live in a humid climate. If you rush this, you will end up pulling off your base coat when you remove your tape later.
Apply Tape 6 of 13
Create your pattern using pre-made adhesives, washi or painter’s tape, or striping tape.
Choose Your Palette 7 of 13
It’s a good idea to test out some color schemes before you commit. Lay a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper over a white table or white piece of paper and lay out your ideas. Find inspiration in nature, your favorite floral dress, a swatch of fabric, a photograph, etc.
Polish the "Blocks" 8 of 13
Using your colored nail polishes, paint each section a different color.
Remove Tape 9 of 13
Wait 20 seconds after you finish painting the blocked out sections and then carefully and slowly, peel off the tape.
Clean Up 10 of 13
Use an orangewood stick with a little cotton or a nail clean up brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up slips.
Top coat 11 of 13
Finish with a coat of clear top coat.
Angled Tips 12 of 13
Follow the same steps to create a fun diagonal stripe of color to the end of each nail. Instead of Kiss Design Perfection pre-cut stickers, I used washi tape to mask off the end of each nail before polishing.
Right Angles 13 of 13
For this variation, paint all nails with your lightest color and allow it to completely cure. Then, use washi tape or striping tape to create 90-degree and 180-degree sections. Apply your second polish color and wait for that to completely dry as well. Retape to section off areas for your third color, if desired.
Article Posted 2 years Ago

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