Completely Hairless: Are You Over-waxing?


“Waxed and hairless” is the mission for most of us when it comes to summer, dating, or just because. I am one who loves to wax my brows and under arms (the only places where I can take the pain); however, I do it in moderation like once a month. I like grooming my own brows, so I do a clean up here and there and maintain them on my own (my underarms are just when I am having a diva moment, ha!).

While waxing itself isn’t a bad thing, over-waxing is. Are you over-waxing? Did you know it can lead to premature aging signs, like sagging skin? Well, there goes aging gracefully! Every time you get waxed you pull off the first layer of skin, which takes about a month to heal. So if you go every two weeks, when are you healing? Over time, skin can become weak and unfortunately, weak skin sags.

So if you’re going to get waxed make sure you seek professional help, because while at-home waxing is convenient, it can lead to ingrown hairs and skin infections (especially in the bikini area). A professional will know how to approach your hair type and removing the hair the correct way.

Do you have any waxing horror stories? Please share them with us in the comments below!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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