Conair’s Curl Secret: Are Perfect Curls That Easy?

Curl Secret is the latest hair toy to hit the US market.  Be prepared to see this (and other similar devices) popping up at all different price points this fall.  The idea is simple: insert hair, press down and  a few seconds later you’ll release the perfect curl.  It’s almost impossible to mess up!

But, does it really work?

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    Conair's Curl Secret is one of a few "perfect" curl appliances hitting the market right now.  The features are slightly different on each, but they all work basically the same.  Can a head full of perfect curls really be that easy?


    To buy: Conair Infinity Pro Curl Secret $99.99

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    The Curl Secret is pretty easy to work.  First, you slide the heat selection up to high or low.  The red light will stop flashing when it is ready to use.  You can also select your curling time, 8 to 12 seconds.  I recommend playing around with the heat and time selections until you find the lowest heat for the fastest amount of time that you can use and still curl your hair.  For my straight and somewhat hard to curl hair I used high heat with 10 seconds of time.

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    Using the Curl Secret is pretty self explanatory.  Hold the device with this side toward your head, put a small section of hair in and clamp it closed.  The trick is picking the correct amount of hair.  After trying the Curl Secret, with my shoulder length hair the most I was able to put into the machine (without it getting tangled and locking up) was roughly a 1 inch section.  Those with longer hair may have to use smaller sections.

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    Once you clamp the Curl Secret closed it will suck your hair up into the machine, curling the hair around a barrel.  Once the hair is in position, it will start beeping.  Let the machine keep beeping at you!  When the time is up it will beep a series of 3 beeps together.  Release the handle and you can slowly pull the Curl Secret away, a curl should emerge.

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    I admit that it took me a while to get the hang of using the Curl Secret.  You can see my first attempt on the left (I had curled that entire side of my head).  Really, wait until you hear the triple beep!  I was pulling my hair out too early (at the 3rd beep, which was 6 seconds because it beeps every 2 seconds), and I also didn't have the heat up high enough for my super straight, thick hair.  Note to self: read the directions more closely!

    Once I followed the directions I was able to get my hair to curl.  My hair was at my shoulders for the week I had the device (Conair loaned me one to try out).  You can see that I never really got the perfect Shirley Temple curls, but I definitely got curls, and with a little finger combing I had pretty waves. 

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    The Curl Secret really works best for those with long hair. Over on my friend Kelly's blog, you can read her Curl Secret review (and watch her Curl Secret Tutorial Video).  She used the Curl Secret on a coworker, and you can see that the curls work best on very long hair.

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    Overall, I do like the Curl Secret.  


    Note that there are a few issues with the machine.  First, hair does get tangled in the machine, and it essentially locks itself.  There isn't a mechanism to unlock it, so you have to try and pull your hair out (without damaging your hair).  This is more likely to happen if you have too much hair in the machine, but that is not always the case.


    Second, the machine only curls hair in one direction.  The BaByliss Pro Perfect Curling Machine (note that Conair is their parent company) has more temperature options and allows you to change the direction of the curl.


    My hair is currently just below my chin, in a bob that is definitely too short to use the Perfect Curl.  If my hair was longer, I would probably buy a Perfect Curl or Perfect Curling Machine. 


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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