Curlformer Styling Kit: Does the Set Really Work? [Review]

Curlformers Review
About two months ago I brought a Curlformer Styling Kit to review. I was super duper excited to try my Extra Long and Wide Curlformers Styling Kit. It came with 40 Super Long & Wide Curlformers and 2 styling hooks (good thing it comes with two styling hooks because I broke one as soon as I got it). They come is two separate pieces, so be careful putting those things together. The kit has 2 different colors: 20 pink Curlformers, which curl clockwise, and 20 orange Curlformers that curl counter clockwise. The different colors allow you to choose what direction the curls fall. You can have them fall on or off your face or have a uniform or random curl throughout.

Curlformers look easy enough. With my very long and thick hair, I was hoping that it would cut down drying time. I was also hoping for a styling process that was quicker than Flexi Rods. It usually takes my hair some 8 hours or more to air dry and 2 hours to style.

After shampooing and conditioning, I sectioned my wet hair and began to apply Curlformers from back to front. I used Design Essential Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion. I must say there’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to styling with Curlformers. The hook can do serious damage if you’re not careful. I made sure to take my time. When hair is sectioned thoroughly, detangled, and twisted before using the Curlformer Styling Hook, hair glided through effortlessly. But if not, you may have a fight on your hands.

Once you get the hang of it, Curlformers are easy to apply. I think anyone can use them. But again it really takes some getting used to.

I let my hair air dry overnight. Although, the Curlformers are soft and flexible, they are very uncomfortable to sleep in.

The next morning, I removed the Curlformers by pushing firmly at the mouth of the Curlformer. I wish I could say they slipped off easily. Just like the install, you have to master the Curlformer removal technique. I did have trouble with the first one. But on the plus side, my hair didn’t break off during the process; I didn’t experience any damage using Curlformers.

My curls started off kinda cute… but as the day progressed the curls became frizzy. I’m not blaming the Curlformers; I think a combination of humidity and having semi-wet hair was the problem. By midday, my hair looked a hot mess. You can see for yourself in the slideshow below.

I did like the fullness of the curls, initially. It’s a heatless way to stretch out my kinky hair. If you’re looking for a way to create fullness and texture, Curlformers are the way to go.

My first experience wasn’t that great. I was hoping to save time with the Curlformer styling kit, and I didn’t. It still took about 2 hours. I know you get faster with practice so I won’t hold that against Curlformers. I also love smooth and defined curls like the ones I get with Flexi Rods. However, I didn’t get this either. I noticed that other Youtubers got similar-looking curls as well. Their Curlformer Sets also lacked smooth curls. I don’t know if that is a testament to the application process or the fact that we have tightly coiled hair.

I’m not throwing in the towel for Curlformers. I will definitely give them another shot. As previously stated there were a combination of things that contributed to my result. I’m indifferent until I try them again.

Here’s what I will change next time. In the install process, I will make sure to twist each section to ensure the hair slides through the Curlformer effortlessly. To ensure my hair drys thoroughly, I will seat under a hooded dryer, no matter how much I hate it.

Check out the slide show to see my results

  • Curlformer Extra Long Curls Styling Kit, $68.95 1 of 6

    Curlformer Styling Kit Contents:

    40 Extra Long & Wide Curlformers
    2 Styling Hooks
    Styling Instructions

  • Front View of Curlformer Set 2 of 6
  • Side View of Curlformer Set 3 of 6

    I don't whether my hair was still semi-wet or if the humidity is too blame for this disaster. With this being my first curlformer set, I won't blame the Curlformers. 

  • Back of Curlformer Set 4 of 6

    I don't believe these are the typical results. I will be giving them another try soon. 

  • Flexi Rod Set 5 of 6

    I rolled my hair with Flexi Rods and got a smoother set of curls. Check out full video tutorial

  • High Bun With Curlformer Set 6 of 6

    The Curlformer Set wasn't a totally bust.  I was able to create a beautiful jumbo high bun that lasted about 3 day. 

[videopost src=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJf2czv6M3E’]

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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