Embracing Natural Hair: Curls Unleashed

My hair really can’t make up its mind. Each strand is very thin, but there’s like 10 million of them. I have a lot of hair (a lot of thin strand hair). That means lots of fly-aways. It’s also a combination of straight on top, wavy on the sides, and really curly inside around the nape of my neck. When I blow it out, I can at least bank on the texture being consistent. When I leave it natural, it’s actually a lot more work to maintain throughout the day because it starts to flatten and lose shape.

I attended the Blogalicious conference last week and came home with several lovely items, including a couple of Curls Unleashed products. I thought I would try them out to see if I could get my waves/curls to take shape. I also tried out Defining Moments Serum from Curls.

The shampoo was rich and created a really nice lather as I washed. I felt it was really cleaning my hair. It also smells really good!

The conditioner is perfect for anyone who needs a go-to jar of magic to moisturize their hair. Made with rosemary, sage, and nettle, the conditioner can be used after shampooing or as additional moisturizer for styling. It’s very light but softened my hair beautifully while cutting down the frizz.

Then there’s Curls Defining Moments Serum. This was when I realized that I had not been using the right products when it came to leaving my hair natural. I sectioned my hair into small parts and combed the serum in piece by piece. I twirled the section with my finger, then moved on to the next piece. The goal was to even out the texture of my hair all around. It worked, as you can see from the soft curls in my hair.

The next step on my hair to-do list? A great cut that can go from curly to straight without a hitch!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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