Curly girl Wet set, No heat Styling required!

Curly girls suffer from the frizzy hair syndrome, which is why we tend to heat style our hair all winter. All this heat styling eventually leads to more frizz which then leads to more heat styling-ahh I’m tired thinking about the cycle we are on.  Well if you are ready to stop and put down the blow dryer curling wand and flat iron, but still want to tame those wild frizzy curls then listen up.  Let us give wet setting a go! A wet what? A wet set, that you don’t have to do anything with but go to bed with! Wash and set your hair at night go to bed, wake up do your makeup and drink your coffee, take down your set and viola that’s all!

  • Set your curls without any heat 1 of 13
  • Start off with wet hair 2 of 13

    Part your hair in the direction you would like your hair to fall. Doing this will insure your hair won't be hard to work since it will set in this direction.

  • Smooth Out 3 of 13

    Smooth out your hair, making it tangle free one section at a time. Working with tangle free hair will give you smooth results. Add a moisturizer and a light holding product, choose products according to your hair type.

  • Moisturize 4 of 13

    Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is great for very curly thick hair, its an amazing natural product that delivers moisture and shine. $9-$12

  • Control 5 of 13

    Carol's Daughter Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother is hands down one of my most valuable products, I use this for almost all my styles. This product is great for controlling your "baby hairs" and amazing at helping to achieve a polish look. $22.

  • Twist! 6 of 13

    Begin twisting once your products are in your hair (remember add product one section at a time) Twist from the scalp down to the ends, when you reach the ends give that twist a twirl to secure the ends.

  • Take your time! 7 of 13

    Continue around the entire head...take your time twisting, the neater your twist the greater the results.

  • Set over night! 8 of 13

    Now that you're done, you can cover your head with a satin scarf or what I prefer to do is sleep on a satin pillow case-Messy sleepers put a scarf on Ha!!

  • Apply Oil! 9 of 13

    Once your hair is dry apply oil to unravel the twist, this will minimize frizz! I love this lightweight oil by Wella Professionals (It also smells amazing!) $16.

  • Results! 10 of 13

    Gently unravel the twist to reveal perfect curls.

  • fluff out 11 of 13

    Once all your twist are out, slide your hand to your roots and give it a nice shake. 

  • Pin up 12 of 13

    This step is optional, Pin up one side or leave both down for a wilder look!

  • All done! 13 of 13

    Hope you'll give this a try...


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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