Curly Girls, are we doomed during summer months..

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As a curly girl I have dealt with the halo, the frizz, and the puff…You name it, I’ve had it. All of these “issues” come with the territory our hair is full of twists and turns. Guess what! Having curly hair doesn’t have to be a bad thing. How can I say this with a straight face, and why do I love my hair in every season? Well, simple; I’ve learned which ingredients and methods work best for my hair and which ones don’t.

The use of heat isn’t very good on curly hair and it dries out our already dry textures, which leads to breakage. I definitely love the option to have straight hair whenever I blow dry my hair; however, I try to do it only twice a year. Diffusing is a must for me so I use medium heat on low.

Sulfates and silicones are a no-no for me, and I’ll tell you why. Sulfates are harsh detergents that are used in shampoos to remove buildup (all sounds great right?), however, sulfates strip the hair of everything, not just the dirt. Ever have that totally naked feeling after you shampoo? That’s because you are naked literally and figuratively! Sulfates not only strip you, but it takes gallons of water to actually remove them, which probably means you never really do get it out (especially if you wash every day or two). Silicones are found in conditioners and there are so many different kinds. A silicone will help you detangle your hair leaving your hair feeling silky. What’s so bad about a silicone? That silky feeling is a waxy coating that is sticking to your hair. Think about the effect of petroleum gel and water, the way the water can not penetrate it. That’s what happens with a silicone-based conditioner. Water, which is moisture, cannot penetrate the hair and the only thing that can remove it is a sulfate, HA! You’re getting it…with all this happening, when are you moisturizing your hair?

Finger-combing and I have a love-hate relationship, but it’s more love than hate. Finger combing is when you use only your fingers to detangle and style. I’ll admit sometimes I cheat and when I’m tired I pull out a paddle brush or wide tooth comb, I always regret it after. I love to finger style my hair because it allows for my curls to clump together, and also I can feel for knots while detangling, and a comb can’t. When I first started finger combing I hated it; I felt it took too long and I couldn’t understand how to deal with all the knots. The trick is use a lot of conditioner and water, go slow from ends to roots, and section the hair.

Glycerin is not a bad guy, but when the humidity levels are high it will cause your hair to swell up and frizz out. Glycerin is a humectant, which is basically used to keep things moist. If it’s very humid out and you have curly hair that was styled with a product containing glycerin, it will be a moisture magnet and you will be a frizz ball. ¬†Knowing this has changed my life.

A silk/satin pillowcase and curly hair (any hair texture really) are best friends forever! A cotton pillowcase will suck up your moisture and cause breakage as you twist about at night. Ever since I changed pillowcases, my hair never looks scary in the morning, and I have a lot of hair!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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