Curly Hair Ode to Moroccan Oil Hair Products

Recently, I was asked to do more hair posts. With everything my head of hair goes through, many people ask, “What goes on?” and “How do you keep it looking healthy?”

I do Dominican salon hair styling and I dye my hair every few months, which actually does dry out my hair. I mentioned once before that I use coconut oil in between styling and that I try to not use heating tools often. That’s one way to keep it looking healthy, but the truth is I have to work at it. I wanted to share what I actually use when I need to just wash, dry, and go, which is the beginning of other DIY hair posts that I would love to share with you all.

Right now, I am completely married to Moroccan Hair Products (with the occasional stray here and there). Here’s what I use about two times a week when styling my hair. My curly hair ode to Moroccan Oil Hair Products:

Moisture Repair Shampoo: As I’ve said before, I lather up my shampoo but I don’t let it sit for too long. I typically have some sort of dye in my hair, and I try my best to preserve whatever color I have in it at the time. Right now, I’m doing the medium golden brown look.

Moisture Repair Conditioner: This conditioner is great for hair that as been damaged by color or heat styling. It leaves my hair silky soft. If I can run a comb through it, we’ve struck gold. The conditioner infuses hair with antioxidant-rich argan oil, keratin and fatty acids. It also smells delicious.

Treatment: I CANNOT live without this! Whether I’m using heating tools or not, I’m addicted to this oil. My hair absorbs it right in, leaving it soft and shiny. After I blow dry my hair, I add a bit more and run the cold setting through my hair. It does wonders.

Frizz Control: I only use this if it’s humid outside or if I’m going to an event that requires my hair to stay put. My hair tends to get frizzy and I get a lot of fly-aways.

Heat Styling Protection: I probably flat iron once a month, if that. Between the heavy conditioning and pro ionic hair dryer, how much straighter does my hair need to be? However, if I want a very polished look, I will add a bit of the Heat Styling Protection Spray.

And there you have it! These products have been keeping my hair moisturized and protected. If you try them out, tell me what you think!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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