11 (Terrifying) Dad Beauty Hacks

Beauty hacks are everywhere and we love them. A quick Pinterest search can lead you down a wormhole of homemade scrubs, DIY pedicure tricks, and rejuvenating masks made from household items. But none of these can hold a candle to dad beauty hacks. Their shortcuts give a new meaning to the words ‘creativity,’ ‘unorthodox,’ and occasionally ‘stupidity.’

Disclaimer: We probably don’t have to tell you this, but please don’t try these hacks yourself (or recommend them to your hubby). Especially #12. Or #8. Or #6. Look, just don’t try this stuff at home, okay?

1. Better than benzoyl peroxide!

“My husband used my breast milk to treat his acne, as did I. It worked wonders. It’s also great on baby acne/rashes.” – Christine (via Feelings and Faith)

2. Man-i-cure

“My husband lost his toenail in a shovel accident so he paints his toenails so people don’t think his feet look gross.” – Tiffany (via #Lifewithboys)

3. We don’t need no stinkin’ pumice!

“My husband uses sandpaper to remove dead skin from his rough heels.” – Babble Editors

4. A clip is a clip

“My dad once sent me to school with a chip clip in my hair. It said chips on it.” — Kristen (via The Plucky Procrastinator)

5. Just don’t confuse it with Parmesan

“My hubby uses a cheese grater to take the dead skin off his heels.” — Whitney (via We’re Only Hsuman)

6. Breaking Bad (Decisions)

“My dad was a chemist so we had homemade shampoo and conditioner or, as he called it, ‘creme rinse.’” — Sharon (via Sharon Holbrook)

7. Masking the pain

“He uses masking tape instead of a bandage when he get cuts on his hands. I tried it on the back of my heels recently and it was actually great for preventing blisters.” – Babble Editors

8. Say “Ahhhh!”

“My husband used real pliers on our daughters to pull one or two of their teeth.” – Laura G.

9. Hair so soft

“My hubby uses lotion for his hair as a styling product. He figures it’s cheaper, and he’s all for the least amount of products he has to worry about.” – Summer (via Girl With Glasses)

10. Are you listening, Elsa?

“I’ve seen my hub hold ice cubes on his eyes after a long night. Straight ice to eyelids — no buffer. He says it reduces swelling. I think it just makes his face red.” — Bailey (via Your Serene Life)

11. Tastes like burning

“My husband wanted to whiten his teeth but instead of getting white strips, he bought a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide (an active ingredient in most strips).” – Babble Editors

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