Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial for Guys

Here’s Part 2 of my Day of the Dead tutorial (get Part 1 here). I wanted to do a guy version because there aren’t as many online as there are for women. Also, it’s a lot easier to paint on someone else’s face while photographing at the same time than it is on yourself.

My models for the day were my 14-year-old son and my boyfriend, who both have beautiful hazel eyes. I was very excited to play up their eyes with dramatic colors. This project was a bit more challenging because they’re both guys and aren’t accustomed to having makeup near their eyes, which are already sensitive due to allergies. The pictures are combined in order to share different ways of approaching the challenges of thick eyebrows and facial hair.

If you’d like to try this costume for the whole family, here’s my Day of the Dead makeup tutorial for guys.

  • Day of the Dead for Guys 1 of 17

    Two guys. Two Day of the Dead looks.

  • Day of the Dead – Clean face 2 of 17

    Start with a clean face and use a good moisturizer or primer.

  • Day of the Dead – Apply Paint 3 of 17

    Use a white pencil to outline the eyes and the nose. Apply the makeup with a sponge applicator, and then perfect the edges with a small flat edge brush. I used Ben Nye Clown White.

  • Day of the Dead – Set with Powder 4 of 17

    Set your makeup. I used Ben Nye powder.

  • Day of the Dead – Apply Eye Makeup 5 of 17

    I had to be very careful not to get too close their eyes, as they're both very sensitive. I used Ben Nye Liquid Paint in black. I had them both lie down so I could carefully paint around their eyes (and so they could relax!).

  • Day of the Dead – Pick Eye Shape 6 of 17

    For my son, I wanted to leave more forehead space open for embellishments, so I painted black underneath the brow while painting the brows white. I set the eye makeup with black eyeshadow, which also allowed me to get a little closer to the eye.

  • Day of the Dead – Paint Eye Petals 7 of 17

    I painted the petals over the eyebrow. I used Ben Nye Red.

  • Day of the Dead – Spider Web 8 of 17

    My son loves Spider-man, so I was sure draw a web on his forehead. And because I love him so much, I pointed the web with a heart.

  • Day of the Dead – Line Eye Petals 9 of 17

    For my boyfriend, I used Ben Nye Blue.

  • Day of the Dead – Add details 10 of 17

    I used red gems for my son's eyes (and eyelash glue) and Crafty Chica's stencils for my boyfriend's forehead. Both were purchased from Michael's Arts & Crafts.

  • Day of the Dead – Crafty Chica Stencils 11 of 17

    Here are a few samples of Crafty Chica's stencils.

  • Day of the Dead – Real Facial Hair 12 of 17

    I covered a large majority of my boyfriend's facial hair with Ben Nye white clown paint using the sponge applicator. I darkened his beard with black eyeshadow.

  • Day of the Dead – Add teeth 13 of 17

    This is the complete look with stencil and teeth painted in. My son moved around a lot and kept scratching his face. By the time I painted the lips, we were exhausted. He felt the need to lick his lips, mostly because he couldn't. It took him a while to get used to the limitation makeup imposes, especially when you're hungry and want to have the chicken wings sitting in your fridge.

  • Day of the Dead – Mustache 14 of 17

    My boyfriend wanted a mustache painted in, and as you can see, it transformed his personality. Beware: the guys in your life will become their whole look.


    For the mustache, I used Ben Nye's Black paint with a small brush and it actually worked pretty well.

  • Day of the Dead – Hats and Bowties 15 of 17

    My son already had a black hat from Forever 21. We bought the bow tie at a vintage store. Go in and tweak, fine tune, and finish the look. He was a such a good sport. Last year, he was a bit apprehensive and didn't want to too much done. After seeing all the cool things you can do, he was excited to have more embellishments done.

  • Day of the Dead Groom 16 of 17

    Here's my boyfriend's complete look with teeth, which are different than the ones I painted on my son.

  • Day of the Dead Bride and Groom 17 of 17

    And here's the bride and the groom. To see my tutorial, check out my POST!!

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