DIY Crayon Lipstick: Is It Safe?

How Safe Are DIY Crayon Lipstick?
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A few months ago, I was chatting with a fellow beauty blogger, Afrobella. I was surprised when she told me that many ladies were making their own makeup out of crayons. (I pretty much just responded with a blank stare.) Admittedly, this doesn’t seem so far fetched, especially considering reports of lead being in many makeup products. Crayons are labeled as safe and toxin-free by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. I mean, little ones eat them all the time. But are they really safe?

Before I answer this question, here are some things to consider. There is a big difference between the wax and oil base present in lipstick as it compares to crayons. You will get unique, vibrantly colored lippies, but the colors in crayons aren’t manufactured for your skin and certainly not your lips. This can lead to possible skin irritations.

DIY crayon lipstick came on the scene when the FDA released a lead report for many of the top makeup brands. In an effort to limit lead exposure, some people decided to make their own products. The problem with this is you are not decreasing lead exposure by wearing crayon lipstick. Quite to the contrary, you are increasing your exposure.

According to this report (Brief Description of the CPSC Staff Hazard Assessment Procedure for Lead in Crayons) published by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, crayons contain measurable amounts of lead. Depending on the shade, they found that crayons can contain up to 2 to 5 ppm of lead. Compare this to lipsticks, which contain on average 1.1 ppm of lead (the brand with the highest lead level contained 7ppm).

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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