DIY Halloween Spider Web Nail Art

Halloween is upon us, giving us an even better excuse to experiment with fun and festive nail art!

Now it doesn’t take a Charlotte (ahem Charlotte’s Web … anyone know the flick?) to create nail-worthy spider webs to adorn your tips  this Halloween season.

Follow along as I show you how to create these simple, yet oh-so-cute webs.

  • Let’s Do This 1 of 10

    Now, in real life, I am NOT a fan of spiders — I mean, who is? But these are just too cute … or, dare I say, Halloween chic? Thankfully, these webs can be spun up in a snap, without those dreaded creepy crawlies! Eeek!

  • You Will Need… 2 of 10

    For this festive Halloween webbing, I chose neutral colors that would be both classy and wearable. But feel free to get creative and tailor your webs to your personality and style. The options are endless! 


    You will need:

    • Base color Essie ‘Sand Tropez
    • Web color Revlon ‘Knockout'
    • Top Coat Revlon ‘Gel Shine Top Coat' 
    • A thin detailer paint brush (or you can use a black striper polish in place of Revlon ‘Knockout')
    • Nail polish remover for cleaning up edges (not pictured)
  • Step 1. Apply Base Polish 3 of 10

    Apply 1-2 coats of base color to clean nails. Let dry completely.


    Clean any edges around fingernails that might've gotten a little extra love! 😉 

  • Step 2. Prepare Detail Brush 4 of 10

    Make sure detail brush is clean and free of any crazy stray hairs that might throw off your groove. Wipe brush along the stem of the nail polish brush to get the perfect amount of product.


    Tip: For thinner webs, use less polish on the brush with either a tiny pinprick dot of polish on the end or no dot at all. For thicker webs, use more polish and get a larger dot on the end of your brush. 


    Note: I noticed my polish dried out too quickly when I put a small blob of it on a paper plate. But if you don't want to keep lifting the lid to coat your brush, feel free to do that and refill your puddle of polish.

  • Step 3. Apply Vertical/Diagonal Lines 5 of 10

    Using the detailer brush coated in black polish, free hand 5 vertical/horizontal lines one going straight up the middle of your nail, two going from the middle of the nail to each corner, and two curving diagonally on the ends.


    Tip: Rest painting hand on opposite hand to keep it steady. Start drawing lines on your outer finger to prevent smudging when applying to the remaining nails.

  • Step 4. Apply Half Moon 6 of 10

    To finish off your web, coat detailer brush in black polish and draw half moons dipping from point to point. 


    Tip: Make your webs as detailed or basic as you want by adding more or less half moons.

  • Step 5. Let Nails Dry Completely 7 of 10

    It is extremely important to let your fresh webbings dry completely before applying your clear top coat unless you want the webbing to smudge altogether! 

  • Step 6. Apply Top Coat 8 of 10

    Applying a top coat is key to preserving your festive new webs. I suggest also applying a thin layer to the nail edge to help prevent early chipping.

  • Web Nails 9 of 10

    Voila! There you have your very own DIY web nails. Now go be festive and give those spooky spiders a run for their money!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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