DIY Nude to White Ombré Nails

As most of you may know, ombré anything has kind of been a trend lately. OK, that was a total understatement. It’s everywhere  — from hair to bags, pillows, art, food, and more. Ombré is the trend that simply keeps on giving! One of my most favorite forms of it is on the nails. Pair it with another one of this spring’s hottest nail trends, barely there nudes and whites, and you’ll have a mani that’s MONEY!

Follow along as I show you how to make your manicure fresh, hip, and sassy — yet totally classy with these nude-white ombré nails!

  • Let’s Ombré It Up! 1 of 10

    Let the melting of colors begin! 

  • Supplies 2 of 10

    For this manicure you will need: 

    • Base Coat
    • Darker Nude Polish (Pictured Essie 'Sand Tropez')
    • Medium Nude Polish
    • White Polish (Pictured Essie 'Blanc')
    • Non-Latex Cosmetic Sponge 
    • Q-Tips
    • Acetone
    • Top Coat
  • Apply Base 3 of 10

    Start with clean, trimmed, and filed nails. Follow by applying one coat of your chosen base coat. Let dry for 5 minutes then apply one coat of the white base color, letting that dry for another 5 minutes. Apply a second coat of the white polish and once again let it dry completely.

    Note: This step is key to this look because it creates a perfect blank canvas — allowing the colors to show up stronger. 

  • Prep Sponge 4 of 10

    Prep your applicator sponge by heavily applying three stripes of polish starting with the darkest color on the edge of the sponge and working your way to the lightest. When painting your stripes, slightly overlap each color to lightly blend them together.


    Note: You will need to coat your sponge for each nail or at least every other nail so that the pigment shows up properly.

  • Line It Up 5 of 10

    Line the sponge up with your nail — using the darkest color at the base of the nail.

  • Rock and Roll 6 of 10

    Roll the sponge across your nail and gently rock it back and forth to deposit the color. You can also pat the color on to your nail to create an even more smudged look! 

  • Repeat 7 of 10

    Let your nails dry and repeat the sponging process. Keep on repeating until you reach your desired ombré look! Remember, you can customize your nails to you — if you want more white at the tips like me, you can sponge on some extra white. If you want the tips to be more subtle, you can sponge a light layer of the medium nude color over the top of the white.


    Note: This is what one coat looked like on my nails! 

  • Clean It Up 8 of 10

    Quickly clean up the edges of your nails with a cotton swab and a trusty bottle of acetone! 



  • Top It Off 9 of 10

    Top off your fresh ombré nails with a shiny layer of top coat! The top coat will bring everything together and make your mani look like it was done by a pro! Like always, let this coat dry at least 5 min. 

  • Mission Accomplished! 10 of 10

    There you have it your oh-so-fabulous nude to white ombré nails! 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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