DIY Pretty Bejeweled Hair Combs

I fell in love with hair combs the other day after writing 18 Statement Hair Combs | Brooches for your Hair and was totally inspired to make a few. I made two different bejeweled hair combs and they’re both really easy! I love that they can be worn in so many different styles, and even create new styles in your hair. Click through the photos below to see my step-by-step tutorial and go to Gold Leaf Hair Comb DIY to see how to make the other one shown.

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    Click through the photos to see a step-by-step tutorial and go to Gold Leaf DIY Hair Comb to learn how to make the other one shown.

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    Inspired by the ban.do hair combs I featured in 18 Statement Hair Combs | Pretty Brooches for your Hair, I've created a DIY for this one above.

  • What You’ll Need… 3 of 11

    * Hair Combs

    * Felt

    * Hot Glue Gun

    * Assorted gems, rhinestones, and jewels. I used a combination of vintage stones and cheap plastic gems from the craft store.

    * Needle and thread

  • Step One… 4 of 11

    Cut a shape from your felt a little larger than the width of your comb.

  • Step Two… 5 of 11

    Arrange your stones and gems how you'd like them to look, and hot glue them onto the felt.

  • Step Three… 6 of 11

    Once your glue is dry and your stones set in place, trim away the excess felt.

  • Step Four… 7 of 11

    Thread your needle

  • Step Five… 8 of 11

    Carefully hand-stitch your felt to your comb, wrapping your thread in between the teeth of the comb.

  • Step Six… 9 of 11

    To make sure it's secure, hot glue the spaces in between your thread and allow it to dry.

  • Voila… 10 of 11

    Wear it!

  • Pretty Hair Brooches 11 of 11

    These plastic hair combs really stick and stay in place better than the metal ones... pretty up your buns, or simply wear them on their own.


    See more at DIY Bejeweled Hair Combs

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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