Dr. Lancer’s Skincare Advice We Can All Use

The name Harold Lancer might sound familiar. If it does, it is most likely from one of his appearances on Oprah, The Doctors, or a mention in a magazine. He treats much of Hollywood, and his skincare products are developed to work together for quick and optimal results.

While us mere mortals may not be able to schedule an emergency appointment today with Dr. Lancer, I was able to get his best skincare advice for some of the most common skincare issues. Some of his suggestions might surprise you!

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    Originally from Montreal, Dr. Lancer first came to California for medical school at UCSD. He completed a dermatology residency at Harvard Medical School, a Plastic Surgery fellowship at the Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv, and clinical work at St. John's Institute of Dermatology in London before returning to start his private practice in Beverly Hills.

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    Dr. Lancer's Method is what sets him apart from other dermatologists and is the basis of how he treats the skin. The Lancer Method focuses on how skin repairs and regenerates itself, rather than merely addressing the visible signs of aging or disease. By accelerating skin's repair and renewal process, the Method's focus on exfoliation tells your skin that production of new, fresh cells is necessary.


    The core of The Method is 3 steps: Polish, Cleanse, and Nourish.


    1. Polish: Exfoliate the skin's surface to remove dead skin cells, stimulating cell turnover and allowing other products to penetrate properly.
    2. Cleanse: Gently wash away the polish, preparing the skin for treatment.
    3. Nourish: Treat the skin to promote hydration, healing, and anti-aging benefits.


    As needed, you can add in more specific treatments once or twice a day. In addition, every morning the skin should be protected with a sunscreen.

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    What is your best advice for patients with acne?

    "They must modify their diet so that they more strictly control bad eating habits that increase fat and carbohydrate intake. They need to have a moderate exercise program. They need to follow a precise disciplined daily skincare regimen consisting of a Blemish Polish, Blemish Cleanse, Blemish Nourish, glycolic acid-based topical product in the morning, and a retinoic acid-based product in the evening as tolerated."


    Lancer The Method: Cleanse Blemish Control $55
    Lancer The Method: Polish Blemish Control $75
    Lancer The Method: Nourish Blemish Control $125
    Lancer Retexturizing Treatment Cream $75

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    What are your most recommended products for anti-aging? What are your favorite active ingredients?

    "Polish/Cleanse/Nourish and evening retinoic acid serum, use as tolerated. Stabilized Vitamin C, slightly acidic glycolic acid in a 10% concentration and retinol in a 1.0% concentration."


    Lancer The Method: Polish $75
    Lancer The Method: Cleanse $55
    Lancer The Method: Nourish $125
    Lancer Advanced C Radiance Cream $75
    Lancer Retexturizing Treatment Cream $75

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    What are your favorite hyperpigmentation products?

    "New fade serum that contains botanical lightening agents that are used after the Polish and Cleanse, and before Nourish."


    Lancer Fade Serum Intense $225

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    While it would be wonderful if everyone could afford Dr. Lancer's specially formulated products, there are some swap-outs that you can use to achieve similar results. Here are our suggestions for lower priced alternatives.

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    You won't be able to duplicate the exact combination of pumpkin and pomegranate extracts with brown sea algae in another product.  


    However, the main job of the method's Polish is to gently exfoliate the skin with a physical exfoliant. Any scrub used on the face needs to have small, uniform grit that is not sharp and won't harm the skin. A little baking soda can be made into a paste using water or your favorite cleanser and then gently rubbed onto the skin. Using a Clarisonic or even a rough washcloth on your face will also provide the needed exfoliation.


    Arm & Hammer Baking Soda $2.99
    Clarisonic Mia Cleansing Brush $125

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    Dr. Lancer's Cleanse contains a proprietary amino acid compound and aloe vera glycosides, which you won't find anywhere else. Instead, try a gentle cleanser that won't strip your skin of moisture or cause irritation.


    Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser $11.95
    Ultra Facial Cleanser $9

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    Dr. Lancer's Nourish is formulated to provide skin-plumping moisture while delivering anti-aging peptides and anti-oxidants. In addition, his formula contains a compound isolated from Tropaeolum Majus (Nasturtium) flowers shown to increase intercellular diffusion of oxygen by 56%. Our alternatives are also hydrating and help fight aging.


    Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream $62
    Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream $25.95

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    Dr. Lancer also has a few lower cost alternatives that he recommends for acne. "Try over the counter Neutrogena brand products for 2-4 weeks or the simple Proactiv products. They should see a board certified dermatologist if their response is not excellent after 30 days."


    ProActiv Deluxe System $29.95
    Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System $24.95

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    How do you treat a sunburn?

    "Sunburns are best treated with cool compresses, cool bathing with a little bit of baby oil in the bath, a little bit of topical Amantle Cream, Grapeseed Oil."


    Amantle Moisturizing Cream $25.13
    Aura Cacia Natural Skin Care Grape Seed Oil $3.99

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