Elementary School Kids Rate My Beauty Products


As a beauty blogger, I have the opportunity to sample a lot of fun beauty products. When I’m not writing at my laptop, I spend my days trying on makeup, testing skincare items, experimenting with nail art techniques, and shooting tutorials. I know, it’s a tough job – but someone has to do it.

My son has become accustomed to the fact that I may show up to pick him up at school with bright red highlights in my hair, a funky neon manicure, or with enough makeup on to pass for a showgirl. Sometimes he asks questions like, “Why are you wearing that lipstick?” I usually explain that I was working and then follow with, “Why, do you like it?”

If there is one thing I know about kids, it’s that most of them are refreshingly honest. Sometimes he offers some pretty strong opinions and it’s pretty darn funny. So, I decided to ask him to rate 10 of my recent acquisitions. To add a female perspective, I asked one of his closest friends to play too.

I don’t like gender stereotypes but these two kids happen to naturally fit the molds. My son, Julian, dislikes most forms of grooming and, at the tender age of 7, doesn’t seem to have a care in the world about his appearance. 8-year-old Sidney, by contrast, has been fascinated with makeup, nails, and hair for as long as I can remember and has a natural flair for beauty and style. I think this picture of them speaks volumes:

Kids Say About Makeup

I let both kids handle all of the following products and try them on in addition to showing them images of each in action. They then rated the items on a scale of 1-10 and provided their comments.

1. Redken Color Rebel Temporary Hair Color

What it is: Temporary hair color that is described as “makeup for your hair.” The product itself is a liquid that is applied with a foam applicator tip to create vibrant colored highlights, panels, dipped ends, etc. The color typically washes out in a couple shampoos.


He said: “It looks easy to put on, it’s all red and red is my favorite color, and it looks cool. I would wear this if I wanted to look cool at a girl’s party.”
Final score: 9.5

She said: “Can I have it? I want one in purple because I like color stuff for hair. I would use it for highlights.”
Final score: 8

Available in six shades at authorized salons.

2. Bling Tattoos Temporary Metallic Jewelry Tattoos

What they are: Metallic gold, silver, and black temporary tattoos designed to look like jewelry. Each of the four collections includes 4-5 sheets of tattoos.


He said: “I really like them because they are gold and silver and sparkly and they’re cool. They are for boys and girls and they would look good with sunglasses.”
Final score: 8.5

She said: “On a scale from one to 10, I give these a 10 because they look like jewelry and I love jewelry.”
Final score: 10

Available at Bling Tattoos, $22-$25.

3. Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

What it is: An eye shadow palette containing 14 shadows that transform with water, doubling your shade options. When applied wet, the colors become deeper, more vibrant, turn metallic, or add sparkle.


He said: “I like the sparkly effect but I really don’t like girl stuff. If I was a girl, I would give it an eight.”
Final score: 5.5

She said: “The colors are boring dry but I like what happens to them [when wet], especially the sparkle.”
Final score: 5

Available at Smashbox, $52.

4. Born Pretty Nail Stamping Tools

What it is: A nail art stamp template, along with a nail art stamper and scraper used to stamp designs onto nails to create intricate nail art like this lace-tipped manicure.


He said: “It’s hard to do and it’s not really that worth it.”
Final score: 4.5

She said: (With wide eyes and a gasp) “Where did you get this? I like this because [I] like stamping and I like nails. I would use this with purple and blue nail polish.”
Final score: 10

Both the Lovely Star Flower Nail Art Stamp Template and the Nail Art Stamper with Plastic Scraper are available at Born Pretty, $2.99/$1.99.

5. Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Single in Brass

What it is: An eye shadow single that contains gold glitter in a clear cream base infused with aloe and coconut oil. It’s an inexpensive way to add a little sparkle.


He said: “I like the sparkle. It would make you look like a model.”
Final score: 5.5

She said: “Why is it sticky?” Then, after slathering all over her lids and looking in a mirror, “Oh, this is good.”
Final score: 7

Available at Drugstore.com, $0.99.

6. Urban Outfitters Neons Collection Nail Polish in Wavvvy

What it is: Green neon nail polish that is much brighter than either picture indicates. I love the shade and I’ve been using it a lot for nail art tutorials like this graphic black and neon striped manicure.


He said: “I like light colors and that looks totally my style.”
Final score: 9

She said: “I only kind of like it because I don’t like green but I do like neon.”
Final score: 6

Available at Urban Outfitters, $5.

7. Smashbox x Donald Robertson Lipstick in Bing

What it is: An exclusive cherry-red shade of Smashbox’s Be Legendary lipstick. The packaging features artwork by Donald Robertson, in celebration of Art Basel, an annual event showcasing premier modern and contemporary art.


He said: “Hot red, dude.” (Yes, he really said that. OMG.)
Final score: 9

She said: “It’s rose-red.”
Final score: 10

Available at Smashbox, $20.

8. Farmhouse Fresh Sundae Best Chocolate Softening Mask

What it is: A softening face mask with CoQ10 (a vitamin-like antioxidant), live carrot fruit cells, and ginseng extract to fight wrinkles and revitalize skin. Other ingredients like cocoa, coconut milk, and honey make this 98% natural product a treat for your nose as well!


He said: “I like that it smells like chocolate, but as a boy [kid], it doesn’t really do anything to my skin. And it tastes horrible.”
Final score: 6.5

She said: “Mmmmmmm … it smells delicious.”
Final score: 10

Available at Farmhouse Fresh, $22.

9. Tory Burch Eau de Parfum Spray

What it is: My current signature scent. This perfume offers a blend of peony, tuberose, grapefruit, and neroli anchored by earthy base notes including vetiver and sandalwood.


He said: “It’s too strong for me. I think chocolate would be better.”
Final score: 5.5

She said: “Yeah. It smells good.”
Final score: 7

Available at Sephora, $85.

10. Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer

What it is: A shimmery liquid used to highlight specific areas or add an all-over glow. Mix it into your face lotion or foundation for a dewy, fresh complexion.


He said: “It’s pretty cool to make a little glamour and sparkle on your face.”
Final score: 6

She said: (After slathering it all over her face) “It’s so cool and I like anything shiny. Can I please have it?”
Final score: 7

Available at Stila, $20.

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