Embrace Your Dirty Hair

Say what? Rewind. I like my hair feeling fresh and looking clean, thank you very much!

Here are five reasons why we all need to embrace our dirty hair. Just hear me out okay?

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  • It’s so much easier to style 2 of 6

    Freshly washed hair will slip right out of any bobby pin, clip, or braid and won't hold any shape, curl, or teasing, leaving you with lifeless, flat hair. If you're attempting an up-do, your hair must be dirty or it's going to fall right out. To get those gorgeous hairstyles you see on all the celebs, you've gotta have dirty hair!

    Instead of washing your hair everyday, try using a dry shampoo to soak up unwanted oil. You simply mist it over your roots, and your hair no longer has that grimy sheen from the oil. It also smells like it's been freshly washed. Become friends with your dry shampoo! Also, learn some new 'dos. After you've washed your hair, wear your hair down. Let it fall in your face, embrace the clean smell and soft texture. The second day, maybe give it some pretty curls. Day three and four are the best days to try those cute top knots or side braids. The hair is going to hold the style and not washing it will allow those natural oils to work on strengthening the hair. Not using heat for those couple of days will also prevent so much damage. Bam. Reason enough right there!


  • It will save you time 3 of 6

    Let's be honest, ladies. How much time do you spend washing, drying and styling your hair? I know I'm in the bathroom for at least an hour when I wash and dry my hair. Think of the hours you could save. What would you do with all that free time? You could go on a jog, bake some cookies, get a manicure, or watch that TV show you've never had time for. Think of all the possibilities!

  • It will save you money 4 of 6

    If I told you you could save hundreds of dollars by washing your hair less, would you do it? When you wash your hair daily you are using that much more shampoo and conditioner, that much more heat spray, hairspray, and anti-frizz serums. And if you're washing your hair everyday and not using those products, chances are your hair is in pretty rough shape to begin with.

  • It helps maintain your color 5 of 6

    Over-washing your hair tends to dull your color and can lead to more frequent and costly trips to your salon. To keep your hair bright and fresh looking, only wash it once or twice a week using a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair. No reason to waste the money you put into the dye job, is there?

  • Healthier For Your Hair 6 of 6

    While I like to save time and money, the most important thing for me is to ultimately have beautiful hair. Beautiful hair is our goal. We spend money at the salon to have beautiful hair. We spend money on quality products that ensure our hair can handle the heat and everyday stress. We spend time every morning styling our hair because our hair can be our best accessory. Our hair makes us feel feminine and beautiful. It can be a huge confidence booster. And by going a day, two days, or even three and four days in between washing, you are allowing natural oils to strengthen your hair. You're not drying it out by washing it too frequently, and you're saving money, time, and unnecessary trips to the salon.

Have I convinced you yet?

Stay tuned, because we’ve got some fabulous second-, third- and fourth-day hairstyles coming your way!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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