Eyelash Dipping: The Final Verdict

I’m a natural blond with sensitive eyes, so finding products that don’t irritate my eyes into oblivion while enhancing my tragically light lashes is a big plus in my book. This was the impetus for getting my first set of eyelash extensions (and then my 2nd – 200 millionth), because I loved the idea of big baby doll flappers without the need for mascara. (Of course tinting accomplishes this too, but not to the same fantastic effect.)

Here’s a photo of me with a fresh set of synthetic extensions —

I should have known my love for extensions would be hard to beat (especially because I have a penchant for flared corners, and my lashes don’t do that on their own), but when I discovered the existence of eyelash dipping, I couldn’t resist it.

[In case you missed the first installment o my adventures in eyelash dipping, it’s a process in which a semi-permanent coating is hand painted over each lash making for a smudge-free mascara look that goes on for days/weeks depending (on what exactly, I’m not sure. I’ve heard the word “maintenance” thrown around, but I don’t really know what that refers to exactly).]

Anyway, I made the appointment, clearing the recommended two hours of my day, and when it was over, I was quite pleased with the result (not the time commitment, but I’m willing to try anything some things once…)

Somewhere between tinting and extensions, it was a more heavily mascara’d look than I gravitate towards, but one I was down to sport provided it was smudge-free. But the following morning, after a wash, the dipped lashes looked like this:

Much less dramatic, now putting the lash dip somewhere equivalent to tinting your lashes (a word to the wise…don’t try that at home.)

By day four, I knew a lash dip was not for me. I didn’t like the crisping effect it had on my lashes; I felt like they actually looked stunted with the dip after a day or two, instead of enhanced. And as it came off, I wasn’t thrilled with the way it appeared like day-old mascara still hanging on in some placed but not others.

So all in all? I’d rank lash dipping in last place, after regular mascara. Next up? Lastisse.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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